Christmas in the Northwest

Thu 12/27/2007

Jeez, almost a whole week without a blog entry? I'll never break 150 entries for the year at this rate! :P

Naw, I have been taking it pretty easy the last couple of days, just hanging out with my family. My Mom beat me back to Seattle by one day, after a couple of weeks in Virginia taking care of her parents, and my Dad actually took a few days off of work, so we had a chance to eat some meals, watch some movies and catch up on things.

Mostly I have just been puttering around the house, drawing in the basement, but I did manage to go into the city and hang out with Kaz one morning. I got to see his sweet new digs and then we went to go draw in a coffee shop. There's nothing quite like commiserating about cartooning (and GIRLS) with a fellow comics artist. Also Kaz's beard was in full effect! So he has finally exacted his facial-hair-revenge after I out-grew him in the beard growing contest of 2006.

Then Galen came up from Portland for the two days surrounding Christmas. We had planned on doing our annual jump in Lake Washington but Galen had a pretty bad fever the whole time she was here and I still have not fully recovered from getting sick for the second time this month (ugh) so we wimped out.

Even in full health I'm not sure we would have been brave enough... it actually SNOWED on Christmas if you can believe that! (photo proof above!) My folks said it was only the second time they had seen it snow on Christmas day in Seattle and they've lived here for over 30 years!

Anyways, it was a good Christmas. We all gave each other books which is fine by me. It would have been nice to see my sister Courtney (who lives in Eritrea) but at least we got to talk to her on the phone for a little bit. We were all thinking of her.

Well, I've got a few more days to get some serious drawing done and then I'm off to Portland for Gabe and Grizzo's Eighth Annual New Years Extravaganza... If I don't post from "the road," happy holidays!!!

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glad to hear you are getting a chance to relax... that is a nice thing bout getting together with family, even when doing nothing it is fun. Happy Holidays brother.

Jewett Dec27

got the minis... THANKS! Good times man, Happy New Year!

Jewett Dec28

Awesome thumbs, guys!

Arlene Dec28

Hey Alec! Glad to see you're having a great time with your family. All my best to you and yours from me and mine.
I'm down in Memphis and I just can't keep out of the sauce. BBQ!!!
Happy New Year!

Cam Dec28

Thanks for the minis in the mail! Jeez, getting a subscription is cool enough. Then, on top of that, you get free holiday minis...

I especially enjoyed seeing those imperfect, not quite polished single panel gags in "Phase 7 Funnies".

Marek Dec28

I just got back from holidayin' and found your Christmas pack in my mailbox. Thanks! It made my day!

Chris S. Jan01

Thanks for the minis Alec... Way cool!

Cam Jan03

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