New Years in the Northwest

Wed 1/2/2008

It's been a crazy couple of days here in Portland, dashing around trying to connect with everyone. I'm not complaining though! I feel lucky to know so many cool people in this town.

Unfortunately, I missed Josh when I first arrived because of late trains and rain. But I successfully made it over to Greg's place, where I have stayed for this whole visit. The first night we biked over to have dinner with Gabe, which was a little weird (both of us here in Portland, even though we live together in New York !?!) Then afterwards we all met up with Frunch and Gwyn (who drove up from Stanford) and Grizzo, who has been "holding down the fort" here in Portland since we all skipped town.

On our way home, Greg and I swung by Powell's to say hello to my sister Galen, her friend Nathan and Jonathan Hill. On this trip we also hung out with Dylan, had breakfast with Nicole and went to a movie with Sarah. You know, PORTLAND: cartoonists everywhere!

Gabe and Grizzo's New Year's Eve party was big and crazy, as usual. But for some reason I wasn't really into it this year... maybe because they didn't have a Mario 3 room, for the first time in EIGHT YEARS. : ( Ah well, I took a nice long walk right before midnight to reflect on the various events of 2007. (It was kind of a rough year...) I came back to the party, wished everyone a happy new year and then biked back to Greg's house, in love with Portland and hopeful for the new year.

Next I'm hopping back on the train to continue South along the the rest of the West coast. California here I come!

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What's a "Mario 3 room?"

Arlene Jan03

Arlene - since Gabe (and a lot of his friends, including me) is a big DORK, there is usually a room at his new year's party with a Nintendo, set up to play Mario 3. This is usually where I spend most of the night. This year however, I actually had to talk to drunk people, which was less fun for me... so I left!

Alec Jan05

gah! Sorry to hear that, Alec. I hope it wasn't too bad.

Arlene Jan05

Oh, it was still a good time, I was just hoping we could actually beat the game this time (after a pretty weak performance last year). Ah well, maybe NEXT year!

Alec Jan05

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