Mon 1/14/2008

It's hard to believe we're already two weeks into this year...

In the days surrounding new years, I was checking in with a lot of people, to see if they had new year's resolutions. It seems like people are either kind of cynical about it (make the same resolution every year, don't do anything about it, give up on the idea) or they embrace it as an opportunity for change.

Greg said a thing I liked, along the lines of "I'll take any chance I can GET to motivate some change in my life!" I feel the same way.

Most of the comics artists I talked to had very similar goals for this year: to get a lot of drawing done! Again, it seems easy to lump that all together and cynically dismiss it, but I'm more prone to be inspired by that. I think it's great. We will all get strength from eachother! All of us working hard!

I have been clearing out my drawing schedule as much as I can, so I'm working REALLY hard on Basewood. Hopefully I can keep that up in the months to come.

My other goal is to calm down and trust myself a bit more. I get so worried and worked up about things, it makes it hard for me to work. I just want to keep my nose down, work hard and be myself. Things are going to be okay.

Anyways, happy 2008 everyone! Let's hope it's a good one!!!

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That's my main goal for the New Year as well. I always put together a list of specific large goals, more medium sized attainable goals, and then lower general goals that are usually more lifestyle alterations than anything else. I also always have one or two SUPER LOFTY ones that I don't even say out loud for fear of being seen as full of myself thinking I could achieve such things. I consider it a successful year if one or more were attained. Last year I even got one of my loftier ones (getting MBH published)!But yeah, main goal is to blow through the remainder of My Brain Hurts in 2008, like a freight train!! Then it'll be done! FOREVAAAR WOO HOO!!

Liz Jan15

Liz - YEAH!!! I will finish BW Ch. 3 if you finish MBH! Let's do it!!!

Alec Jan15

my goal for this year is to put out at least five issues of my comic original fish.

and guess what, i've already finished one! BAM! i've been on fire these past few weeks! 2008 is the year we all rise up and set the world on fire baby!

FIVE issues??! Good luck Zack! That's awesome you already have one "in the can." I'm going to aim for two issues this year: Lucky #007 and unlucky #013! :)

Alec Jan16

I am hoping to rediscover my desire to make comics... Lately, I have found of difficult to get motivated. I admit it mostly comes down to lots of "poor me" kind of bullcrap... Hopefully 2008 will mean finding purpose in my art again.

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