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Sun 1/23/2005

It snowed this weekend in New York. Also, I've totally been sick for about 4 days now. So those two things combined and I basically didn't leave the apartment this weekend. UGH. I guess it was kind of nice though.... Cold outside, me warm inside, drinking tea (and ORANGE JUICE) and drawing Comics. Anyways, here are a few random things of interest:

1) My good friend Nate took a picture at night of a street light through a deciduous tree in winter right after it rained and/or ONE OF MY FAVORITE NATURAL OCCURANCES OF BEAUTY. I've tried many times to describe this incredible effect to people and usually I fall short, but now here is a picture for all to enjoy. Thanks Nate.

2) I googled myself this weekend (I know--how egocentric, right?) and came across this TOTALLY BIZARRE USAtoday article (scroll down to the "Year In Comics" section), wrapping up the cool stuff that came out in 2004. Somehow I ended up at the bottom of a list that includes James Kochalka, Craig Thompson and Art Spiegelman...?????

3) I watched Frank Capra's "You Can't Take It With You" (best picture, best director 1938) today and it was REALLY good. Like one of those movies that makes you feel good about being alive. It made me laugh out loud A LOT. I think everyone should check it out. It's about trying to be HAPPY and not letting your life SUCK. Which is kind of what I'm ALL ABOUT right now...

Anyways, I'm totally beat. I'm going to go sniffle my way to sleep.

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