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Sat 1/26/2008

I redrew the little "Alec" on the front page, because the old one was creeping me out. While I was trying to figure out where to stick the file, I found an even OLDER one, and then the ORIGINAL one, from when this version of the site first went up. I thought it was pretty funny that I have now felt the need to redraw myself THREE TIMES (once a year?) It's just weird to look at a picture of me with a flannel shirt (or old hoodie) that is dead. My "uniform" only changes so often, so it seems like I should keep it up. Plus the one before this was drawn in a real rush (during Art School?) so I like the new one better. I drew a few other new variations also, which will just pop up when the situations arise I guess!

I taught my first class on Friday night, ART 214 - Advertising Design 1. It went pretty well, I think. I have students from Burma, Ecuador, Russia, Croatia, Korea, Japan and the USA. Talk about DIVERSE! (!?!) My other class, ART 230 - Design 1, is on Monday morning... from 7AM - 9AM. Ouch!

I think these classes will be really good for me. Not only is it great teaching experience, it also gives me an excuse to get out of the apartment for a few hours and interact with some people other than Gabe, and MYSELF. I have been doing a really bad job of balancing my "life" and work since I got back from the West coast.

So anyways, wish me luck! I'm working on a lot of really cool stuff, so there should be some exciting posts in the near future. Mwa haa!

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Congrats on the class! You know, a lot of folks assume that if one can DO whatever it is that they intend to teach, they'll make a good teacher - just not the case. There's a small contingent who can successfully and enthusiastically communicate ideas to a varied audience, and I think you definitely fall into that category. Your students are lucky to have you!

As per the self-portraits, why do you always have bags under your eyes? I don't recall you being exceptionally wrinkly. Is it constant, unyielding stress?

Chris S. Jan27

Thanks Chris! Yeah, I don't talk about it much, but the bags under the eyes, to me, represent having to lead a double life. You know--wanting to just draw comics all day, but having to spend your days doing other activities to pay the bills. It often feels like as a cartoonist (and self-publisher) I have to work TWO full-time jobs.

You can often see these same bags under the eyes in drawings of my other friends who are very creative, but have to work day jobs, etc. Really, in my mind, it is a thing of great honor! We are working hard...

Alec Jan27

congrats, alec! very cool. i love how your hands get progressively more flayed through the ages. also like how steady your expression remains.

nate Jan27

Hey, your colors are getting brighter, too!

I'm imagining a projected Alec from, say, 2020... Hawaiian print flannel, hot pink hoodie, hands flayed like enormous fleshy banana-bunches, and pants rolled up to just below the knees...

Marek Jan27

Look at your style evolve--your drawing now is so graceful. You are a cartoonist! Isn't that just crazy to think about sometimes?

Carolyn Jan29

Aw, thanks Carolyn. And YES. Every day it fills me with wonder. I am so lucky to be living my life!!!

Alec Jan29

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