Phase 7 #013!!!!

Sun 2/3/2008

Hey, check it out! The first five pages of Phase 7 #013 are up for anyone who wants to give them a sneak peek!

As I explained in Phase 7 #010 and #011, this issue collects older, unreleased material so that people can enjoy a new issue of Phase 7 while I am hard at work on the next chapter of Basewood (which should be out by the end of the year if I can keep my nose down!)

This one is my final History of Illustration "paper" that I did during my first semester at Pratt. I think it is a lot of fun to read, and it is even a little educational (sort of like The Dvorak Zine!) Anyways, the main story is already done, but I have been working on the end papers and last night I finished the cover, so I thought I'd put it up, along with a few sample pages so that people could start getting excited about it. It should be printed up by the end of the month (assuming I don't go completely broke, trying to pay my taxes!)

In other news, "THE LIST" is working great. Sure, I've only been doing it for three days, but so far that has meant 3 bike rides, 3 letters I've written, 3 minicomics I've read, 3 times I've played my guitar and all kinds of other good stuff. Onwards!

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Sounds great!

David Feb04

hey Alec,

very cool, very's that for a neo-logism...
does my subscription end with this one or the last one?...i need to re-up...


jason Feb05

Jason - You've still got two more issues coming! Don't worry, I always send out a little "Oh No! This is your last issue of Phase 7" card with the final issue of a subscription.

Alec Feb05

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