Nancy Longstreth (1920-2008)

Sun 2/10/2008

Every Sunday, no matter where I am, I get a phone call from my parents. They have done this ever since I left home. They call my sisters too. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, whatever. We always touch base on Sunday.

Well, today my parents called and my Dad told me that his mother died this afternoon. I guess she went peacefully, which was a relief, as she has been really sick for a really long time. 88 years is a nice long life, but it is still sad that she is gone.

She was the most amazing person. I don't even know how to describe her. She had a lot of really difficult challenges in her life, things that would have broken weaker people. But she never gave up. She was just this sort of tenacious, wonderfully stubborn old woman. I am so lucky to have grown up knowing her. And I am so proud to have her light blue eyes, and to have her strong blood coursing through my veins.

Just as when my grandfather died, I mostly wish that I was closer to my parents right now. That I could give my Dad a hug. (though I guess, technically I AM closer - only 3,000 miles away this time instead of 10,000) There is going to be a memorial service for her in Philadelphia in March and we will at least all be together for that.

Also, if anyone couldn't figure it out, that is a picture of both my grandparents sitting with Dwight D. Eisenhower (?!)

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My sincere condolences to you and your family Alec. It is apparent where you get a lot of your own tenacity from. My thoughts are with you.

Cam Feb11

Condolences, Alec. As with many other things, I always appreciate the very unique perspective and LIGHT you bring to all things, regardless of subject.

And wow, what a cool picture--besides being on a sofa with IKE, it's also pretty shocking how much you favor both of your grandparents.

I'm so sorry to hear this, Alec. It's hard to lose a grandparent, especially when you're our age, and have gotten used to them being perpetually around for nigh on thirty years. My thoughts are with your family.

It's AMAZING how much you look like your grandfather.

Chris S. Feb11

It doesn't look like Eisenhower likes what your granddad has to say. Heh-heh. Look at that body language on ol' Dwight. He's basically saying, "Hmph!"

I'm sorry for your loss. It seems like she was a lovely lady.

Arlene Feb11

Thanks everyone...

Alec Feb11

very sorry for your loss... but if that photo is any indication that I am sure it was a remarkable life indeed.

I'm so sorry Alec. Its a part of life that you wish never has to come..

Sarah G Feb19

I love you, Alec and am thinking of you.
Your sister, Courtney

Courtney Feb25

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