Mon 1/24/2005

Okay, I'm sorry, this is going to be my first official blog entry as "A New-Yorker." What I'm about to talk about is very New York-specific. And I was really trying NOT to post a bunch of stuff like this, because I know that MOST of the people that read my blog do NOT live in New York....

But OH MAN THIS CRAZY HOMELESS GUY WITH MATCHES BURNED DOWN THE A/C TRAIN SERVICE!!! I guess because the MTA is old and crappy there was like this ONE ROOM with a bunch of REALLY IMPORTANT switches in it. And this homeless guy was cold, because IT IS COLD in New York right now, so he started a fire and it got out of control and he burned down that room. And thereby SCREWED OVER THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO RIDE THE C TRAIN EVERY DAY.

So there will be no C train service FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS. YEARS? YES. YEAAAAARRRRRRSSS. Huh? What's that? YES, I DO happen to live RIGHT on the C line. I mean, the C is basically the ONLY train that I take! AAAARRRGGHHH!!!

This morning (during RUSH HOUR) there were only B trains running like every 1/2 hour on the tracks and it was NOT pretty. The trains were completely full by 103rd street. And I rode it all the way to 59th. I have never been so packed into a train in all my life. My face was smashed up again the door, people pushing to get on, only to be left behind because there was ACTUALLY NO ROOM. Totally insane.

So I guess I'm going to try that once more tomorrow morning, but if it's like that again I'll take a bus (in morning rush hour traffic? UGGGGH) or walk the FOUR AVENUES over to Broadway (IN THE SNOW--UPHILL ;) and take the 1/9.

So if you know what the hell I'm talking about-- PRETTY CRAZY, HUH? For the rest of you, imagine some crazy homeless guy burned down some major section of highway that you have to drive every day to get ANYWHERE or imagine someone stole your bike or whatever. Bottom line: IT SUCKS!!!


BUT! the good news is that I ordered a PRINTER and a SADDLE STAPLER today and I am going to start making for-real mini Comics and I'm so excited about it that I almost don't care about the stupid C train (OR LACK THEREOF) and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to sleep much tonight because my mind is going crazy with it. I'll just say this: IT'S A GOOD TIME TO BE A PHASE 7 SUBSCRIBER because there is going to be some cool stuff heading their way soon!!!!!

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