Ha ha! ...sigh

Mon 2/25/2008

I have set up a pretty clever trick against myself, I think. I put a big stack of unfolded Phase 7 #013s in the kitchen, along with my saddle stapler and my trusty folding spoon.

This way, when I start feeling crazy in the work room and get up to pace the apartment (which happens about every 2-3 hours) I arrive in the kitchen and go, "Oh! Phase 7 #013!" and I fold and staple 10 or so copies. The funny part is I keep forgetting about it and being surprised! I guess have been kind of forgetful lately...

There has not been much sleep happening around these parts recently... Most of my side-projects and teaching obligations are finally out of the way for this week, so I'm spending all of today and tomorrow putting everything together for my upcoming lectures at Center For Cartoon Studies and The Norman Rockwell Museum. The talks are going to be cool, and it is going to feel really good to get out of the city for a few days, let me tell you!

Unfortunately, there will not be time to mail out Phase 7 #013 to all the P7 subscribers until I get back (it takes about 2 days of trips to the post office). I'll do it the MOMENT I get back though, so look for it in that first week of March!

I probably won't have time to post anything until I get back, but I will do a big wrap-up at that time. Until then, wish me luck!

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Alec --

Norman Rockwell is ready for you! Stockbridge is awesome! The ice-armored North awaits your vaunted arrival!

-- Marek

Marek Feb25

Wish I could attend the Norman Rockwell lecture. Are any of your lectures going to be recorded?


David De Reu Feb29

David - I might put up the lecture notes, but I don't think either talk was recorded. Sorry!

Alec Mar03

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