Indie Island T-shirts & P7 #013!

Tue 3/11/2008

Right before I left for Philadelphia last weekend, I got my Indie Island T-shirts in the mail. WOO! I think they turned out GREAT!!! These are the first real T-shirts I've ever designed, so I'm pretty pumped!

All of this was set up by the incredibly cool Dustin Harbin, who is in charge of the Indie Island section of the Heroes Convention, which I will be attending this summer. Like the shirt says, it's June 20th-22nd in Charlotte, NC!

There will also be other Indie Island t-shirts drawn by Kaz Strzepek, Laura Park, Jim Mahfood, and Jeffrey Brown. The show is going to be cool, the list of people is already pretty amazing!

Okay, so I was paid in T-SHIRTS for this assignment. So if anyone wants to buy one, that would really help me out! They are professionally screen-printed with 3 colors on teal American Apparel t-shirts. I have Small, Medium and Large (though the AA shirts run a little long - the medium fits me, though I usually wear a large t-shirt) If you want to see the image more up close, check out a high-res version in my Flickr account.

I'm asking $13 (which includes shipping). So if you're interested, send an email to alec (at) alec-longstreth (dot) com with "T-shirt" as the title. Remember to include your T-shirt size and shipping address. I'll respond with ordering details! Also, it's going to be first come, first serve, because I only have one box of shirts.

Also, for those of you who aren't subscribers, Phase 7 #013 is now available for ordering over in the Comics Section. Yee-haw!

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I will mail you today about shirt purchase!

Bruce Mar12

Sweet! I might just have to get one of these from you! I'm supposed to be on the list for Heroes Con as well, though my name isn't on the site yet I'm sure Dustin just hasn't gotten around to it yet (I was just added super recently). So yay, Heroes Con is gonna rule! It's gonna be hard for me to not buy every single Indie Island t-shirt with all those awesome artists drawing 'em!

Liz Mar12

got my copy of #013 the other day...sat down and read it immediately...nicely done alec...really enjoyed it...

jason Mar12

13 was great -I passed it on to one of the SCAD profs, who I expect will ALSO enjoy it.

Chris S. Mar13

UPDATE: The Large T-shirts are gone! Only Mediums and Smalls now... You can still get the other sizes (and some ones I don't have) directly from Heroes, but they are $25)

Alec Mar14

Fellow Longstreth! Sounds wicked good to me. Congratulations, Alec! It's nice to see that hard work continue to pay off.

Paul Madavi Mar16

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