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Wed 3/26/2008

I know what you're thinking! You're thinking, "Man! I wish there was some way I could hang out with Alec for a whole week and do nothing but draw comics, talk about comics, read comics, think about comics and fold and staple COMICS!" Well, you're in luck! Because the Center For Cartoon Studies has opened registration for their 2008 Create Comics Summer Workshop!

This year is going to be extra amazing because we are condensing everything into one action-packed week! I will be joined by fellow teacher/cartoonists Aaron Renier, Robyn Chapman, Steve Bissette, and um, let's see, who else? Oh, that's right... JASON LUTES (!!?!) There are a limited number of spots, so sign on up, and then join us for a week this summer in beautiful Vermont!

Closer on the horizon, I will be running a two-hour comics workshop at the Morningside Heights branch of the New York Public Library on April 12th at 1:00pm. (My old stomping grounds!)

Then, on Sunday, April 20th, I'm going to be part of a gag cartoon workshop for kids at the New York City Comic-Con. It's being hosted by Nickelodeon Magazine and there will be a bunch of us gag cartoonists there, including my friend Karen Sneider (thank goodness!) Afterwards I'm gonna hang out at the Indie Spinner Rack table for a while if anyone wants to swing by and say hi! Good times!

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Oh that SUCKS! I wanted to go to the summer thing this year, but that's the DAY AFTER HeroesCon that it starts. There's no way I'd be able to do it. Is there only one all summer?

Yeah, sorry dude it's the only one I think... We JUST found out that it starts the day after Heroes, so Aaron and I are going to have to bust out of there Sunday night. We'll have to hang out on Saturday!

Alec Mar27

After my time there 2 years ago I came away dreaming in panels!
Wish I could do it again!

Hmf. Not that I could afford it anyway--I'd need to rob a stagecoach to be able to cough up $800 for a week of workshopping. Great Horny Toads! I'll just have to work on my chops alone like you guys until I get invited up there as a guest. Then I can audit the other classes or something. Classic cheap cartoonist trick!

I get to go to the CCS course this summer! I am insanely excited ^_^
And I'm going to NY Comic-Con. This year is full of comics...

Liberty R Apr08

Awesome Liberty! It will be cool to draw comics with you again! :)

Alec Apr08

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