March Madness Complete!

Tue 4/1/2008

Well, it is April 1st, which means that March is over. Thank goodness! As we have done the past few years, Greg and I exchanged daily emails this whole month, egging each other on to work hard on our respective projects.

It was kind of grueling, but we accomplished a lot! Greg was able to draw, scan in and lay out pages for the VERY LAST issue of his diary comic, "Clutch." While it is extremely sad to see the end of this awesome comic, we can all take comfort in the fact that the last issue is going to be EPIC. It will clock in at more than 300 pages (!!!?!) so it will be a nice big send-off. Also it will be really exciting to see what area of Comics Greg explores next!

I was able to pencil a few pages of Basewood Chapter 3, but the MAIN thing I accomplished this month was finishing the script for the 5th chapter of Basewood, which is to say, THE WHOLE REST OF THE BOOK.

It took me four years to script all of Basewood, working on it off and on. I read it all the way through the other night for the first time and I really really like it. I'm sorry it's taking so long, but MAN, it is going to be so cool if I can finish it someday! It's 204 pages total, which means I'm about 35% done... I just need to do everything I've already done TWICE MORE and it will be done. (I can do that...) Hopefully by the end of 2010? Yeah...

Anyways, it should also be noted that Andy Jewett joined in about half way through the month and put in a lot of good work too, starting a new comic called Insert Coin.

It works pretty well, emailing your daily progress to a friend or two, and getting an email back each day. It probably would have taken me much longer to finish my script without this challenge, so that's good. It will free up my subway drawing time for other important creative pursuits...

Also, as I'm sure some of you will be sorry to hear, I've created a new daily LIST for April. This one only has 15 items, which are a bit more reasonable. I just have too many important projects that I need to work on each day, so I think this is the best way to help me stay on task. Also, my back and drawing hand are killing me from a total lack of stretching all through March. I'm determined to get some balance in my life, even if I have to check both sides off of a list to do so!

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That is so awesome! I can't wait to read the whole Basewood (but I guess I'll have to).

Congrats on the script! Woooooo!

Chris S. Apr01

thanks, man. I appreciated and needed the challenge/encouragement.

congrats, gentlemen. having participated in a past march madness marathon, i know it's hard work, but very much worth the stiff joints and sore eyeballs. COMIC MAYHEM!

can't wait to see the final *sob* Clutch.

nate Apr03

Hey, Alec! Congratulations on making it through March!

If you need something else to listen to while you work, I was just listening to the Macbreak Weekly podcast, and they just had a whole episode talking with special guest, drummer Patrick Wilson of Weezer! Which I imagine you'd get behind!

Here's the link to the episode:

It's a tech podcast, but here they mainly talk all about online free marketing and a little about new Weezer stuff and plans for the band's future.

Oh, and you look so happy in that AWESOME hat (I mean that sincerely, in case that reads funny) which you'll get a lot of use out of when you're in Vermont!

Mattyoung Apr04

Matt- Thanks for the heads up! I will check this out tonight.

Yeah, it's going to be just like heading back to Hoth for old R2!

Alec Apr04

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