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Mon 4/21/2008

Jeez, a whole WEEK without a blog post?! I am really slipping....

My only excuse is that I've been super, over-the-top, CRAZY busy. It seems like each time I finish off one project another pops up to take its place. I know it is good to be busy, but jeesh! I am ready for a small breather... and luckily, there is one just around the corner!

I take off on Wednesday for a quick visit home and the Stumptown Comics Festival. It's going to be fun, but there is all this work I need to do to get ready for the show and also I have to work AHEAD with my teaching stuff, so that I will be ready to go when I get back next Tuesday.

Also, since this week is my "Spring Break" I told all sorts of people/clients that I would have projects done for them before I left on this trip. It's going to be a stressful couple of days...

Anyways! This weekend I was at the New York City Comic Con, which was a pretty good time. Karen did a great job leading the NIckelodeon Gag Workshop and it was so fun drawing with an enthusiastic room full of kids. There were some really great gags, plus it was cool to actually meet some of the other gag cartoonists face to face.

Afterwards, I hung out at the Indie Spinner Rack table, only to find that Charlie had created a little doll of me (photo here by Brian Heater) It is slightly creepy how many different times am I in this photo...

So, uh... hmmm... what else? Nicole Georges is in town! And I hung out with Paul DeGeorge again (we are friends now? maybe??) And... yeah. Other cool stuff that I don't much feel like sharing with the world at large... Sorry internet!

I'm gonna bring my camera to Seattle and Portland so maybe I will post "from the road." West coast here I come!

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Haw! That is a great picture--it's like a meeting of the "Alec Longstreth Simulacra Fan Club". Classic.

Alec Longstreth - Now With KUNG FU GRIP!

It was fun chillin' by the ISR table at NYCC, Stumptown is gonna be OUTRAGEOUS! We gots to do up the karaoke Weezer style!

Liz Apr22

how fun to have your own "action" figure... sorry and glad to hear that you are so busy. I hope you have a great trip west.

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Oh geez, another WEEK between posts... (so much for posting from the road!) Truth be told, it was ..