Wed 5/7/2008

Okay, holy crap, I am TOTALLY flipping out. I just got linked by none other than KARL KOCH, the official 5th member of Weezer!!!!

See a few months ago, when P7 #013 hit the streets, I thought, "Who do I want to send this to?" And for some reason, it had never occurred to me to send my comics to George Lucas. So I sent him some comics, because WHY NOT, right??? And as I was walking back from the mail box I thought, "Wait! I should send some to Rivers Cuomo too!"

I already sent Rivers a batch of Comics back in 2006, but I wasn't sure if he got them (I just sent them to him at the Harvard mailroom, figuring he must have a student mailbox, right?) So this time I looked up the official way to send mail to weezer, and that is (OF COURSE) by first sending it to Karl!

Karl Koch, for those of you that don't know, has been with Weezer since its very inception. He has worked as a guitar tech, roadie, historian and archivist, webmaster, etc. etc. ETC. He does so many different jobs for the band, that on pinkerton, in the liner notes, it lists his credits as "Karl Koch: Karl Koch"

So this is all to say, that when I decided to put some comics in the mail for Rivers, I put some extra comics in the mail for Karl too. Because, goddamnit, Karl is a stand up guy. PART of what makes it so much fun being a weezer fan, is having a direct link to the band, via Karl. He constantly updates the weezer blog, letting us all know what new projects are in the works and what's going on with the band.

A week after I sent out the comics, I got a very polite rejection letter from George Lucas's secretary, saying that it makes him uncomfortable accepting gifts from people he does not know. So she sent back the comics. Which is fine, whatever. But a few weeks after than that (I.E. TONIGHT) Karl wrote the following in the weezer blog:

Random plug dep't: "Phase 7" comics by Alec Longstreth. Alec is an OG weezer fan from the early days, an original '95 fanclubber and everything. He sent me some issued of Phase 7, and as a big indie comics fan I must say, his comics are excellent! Check them out!

To be called "an OG weezer fan" by KARL FREAKING KOCH is the ULTIMATE compliment for a weezer fan. My weezer street cred just went through the friggin ROOF! :D

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Wow! That's gotta feel good. I'm happy for you, Alec!

Arlene May07

Oh my god dude, you rule! And now it's official because Karl Koch has confirmed it!

Liz May07

Next: God reaches down and gives Alec a high-five.

*stunned silence*

Jewett May08

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