Wizarding Weekend

Sun 5/11/2008

Well, I went to the Harry and the Potters show last night at the New York Public Library. It was pretty epic; they had a horn section and everything!

The image above is a postcard I recently finished for the band, as part of their "merch" for this summer's tour (it will be in a set with a few other postcards I guess? Keep an eye out!) It was REALLY fun to work on, and I also did some 1" pin designs for them too, which should be up on my illustration blog next week.

Speaking of which, I'm almost done drawing all the characters for Matthew Reidsma's Harry Potter Drawing challenge! I drew Dumbledore this week, which is maybe my favorite thing I have ever drawn (so far...) Only two more to go and I will move on to a new illustration challenge!

Oh, and just so everyone knows, Cameron alerted me to the fact that Season 3 of The Muppet Show will be out on DVD May 20th! I'm pretty excited (OBVIOUSLY) because it took TWO WHOLE YEARS for season two to come out. So the last nine months felt like they passed relatively quickly!

Anyways, I'll have some good stuff to watch on my breaks this summer while I am chipping away at all my projects!

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Looks great. And I have to put your links onto the pages yet! Do'h!

Matthew May12

Great image, Alec... love the color choices.

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