L'employé du Moi !

Tue 5/13/2008

Okay, I think I'm finally ready to reveal one of my "top secret projects." It's pretty exciting news....

There is a really cool comics publisher in Brussels (BELGIUM) called L'employé du Moi, and they are going to put out a 200-page collection of Phase 7... IN FRENCH. (!!!?!)

How did this happen???

Well, waaay back in October of last year, this cartoonist Max De Radiguès contacted me out of the blue, saying that he had read and enjoyed some of my comics (I guess a friend of his bought some in New York and brought them back to Brussels?) Max works at Tropismes Bd or "l'appartement" (which looks like just about the nicest comics shop in the world). So he ordered some Phase 7 comics for the shop, and I guess they sold really fast... So he ordered some MORE, and AGAIN they sold really fast...

Well, Max ALSO works at L'employé du Moi, which puts out all kinds of beautiful graphic novels and anthologies and various other comics. So he suggested to the rest of the company that they print a Phase 7 collection, and they said yes! (!!!!!?!)

It is, needless to say, extremely flattering to have some nice folks from another country wanting to print some of my comics. Also, I have great confidence in their work, after having seen two of Max's books, which he was kind enough to send me: Antti Brysselissä and his newest book, Jacques Delwitte: Little White Jack. The books are beautifully sized with printing values akin to the best smaller American comics publishers, like Top Shelf or D & Q.

We have begun working on the book, with Max putting together some grants (because in Europe the government will actually HELP you make comics) and he and Sacha Goerg are working on translating all of the comics. I am working on the cover and introduction and endpapers and layout (above is the rough cover design). This summer I will be relettering the comic by hand in FRENCH, which will be a lot of work, but we all agree it will look the best. And assuming all goes smoothly, it will be out by the end of the year!

(I'm going to pinch my pennies, and maybe learn a little French and perhaps I'll finally be able to go to Angoulême this year!)

Anyways, the best part of all this has been making some new friends in a different part of the world, and hopefully I will be able to make many MORE friends once the book is released! I'll keep you all posted on the progress...

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Holy crap!

Matthew Bernier May13

Holy Crap, Alec! This is the greatest news ever! I'm so happy for you!

Congrats Alex! I was wondering when some publisher was going to scoop you up!

Box May13

That's VERY cool, Alec! Congratulations!

Marek May13

Ca, c'est incroyable!
(how cheesy is it to respond to this post in French?)
Anyways, that's really cool!

It's neat how the title looks the same, but it's sept not seven...

Lisa May13

That's great news! Congratulations, Alec!

Arlene May14

What a great opportunity. I don't read French, but I have the English versions. I will gladly order this + sock it away for when my girls are studying languages in school.

Bruce May14

Thanks Alec!
For us too, it's really a pleasure to make a book with you !!!

your friend Max May14

That's fantastic Alec! Fer and I will want to buy a copy for Joss for sure.

Cam May14

Wow! That is fantastic! Congratulations!

How I can get my hands on a copy of Phase 7 (er, Phase Sept?) en francais when it's published?

Laura May14

Freaking Awesome

Stefan May14

Step aside Tintin, here comes Alec!

Michael May14

Hey Alec that is awesome! Félicitations! Speaking of comics in other languages there's a neat organization here that is trying to revive Khmer comics. It's run by an American named John Weeks. You might be interested in checking it out:


alison May14

Wow, thanks everyone! I will keep you all posted about the book and how to order copies once it hits the streets.

Alison, that site is super cool! It's always interesting to see what's going on comics-wise in other parts of the world!

Alec May15

super duper rad.

they love you europe, just like Tina Turner and that other guy.

jonathan sprenke May15

Alec--that's so rad!! I hope you get to go to Belgium.

Gwyneth Hughes May16

Woooo! Congratulations, man!

congrats alec! and that cover is frickin awesome. i cannot believe you're hand-lettering the whole thing! i mean, my nerdself says "of course", but my practicalself, after relettering all of BF8 for BFF (only, what 26 pages? was a total nightmare), says WHU?!!?

nicely done handlettering fonts, with some sort of randomization, ain't all that bad. especially for translations!

that said, AWESOME!

nate May16

Belgium and you is a good match. Made in heaven. Do visit. Brussels is an outstanding city. I hope that your contacts there can show you around. Lot's of crap going on there (more than just the pis...).

hotfootharp May17

fantastic. congrats!

That is amazing. Congrats!!!!!!

Chris S. May19

Ciao Alec,
That is great news indeed (heard via Alison). I'll let my friends in Paris know about it, they love comics, tell them to keep 'un oeil ouvert'. (I won't be in France any time soon). And Angouleme is pretty nice... The French love their comics... Next in Japanese?

Clairette May29

Max introduced me to your comics a few months back (I used to live in Brussels and I know the guys from l'employé du moi pretty well -I wrote the introduction for the 40075km comics anthology-). Very cool stuff. I actually bought every phase 7 they had in stock... I hope this book can make you a superstar in Europe, so you would come to see us once or twice...

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