R.I.P. Process Sketchbooks

Sun 5/18/2008

In the past week I finished BOTH of my "process" sketchbooks, which seems like a weird coincidence...

See, I have my "normal" sketchbook, where I kick around ideas, and draw little comics about what's going on in my life. Or, you know, that's where I draw comics if I'm having a really busy day and I don't have time to sit at my drawing board. But THESE were the places I'd draw thumbnails and sketches for illustrations, or random drawings for this blog, or stuff like the Harry Potter Drawing Challenge.

I got the first one (shown on the right here) as a gift when I graduated from College (I think?) from our family friends the Engelbergs. It was funny, because I remember thinking "I'll probably never use this" because it was spiral-bound, and that's not the type of sketchbook I would normally buy. But in truth, I probably ended up drawing in there about TWICE as much as my normal sketchbook! The other one (on the left) was a sketchbook I HAD to buy for my Rendering class at Pratt (hence the giant "R" stencil) which I ended up using for a ton of my art school projects.

Anyway, I was stressing out about this a little bit, because I felt really "free" drawing in these books, like I could make a lot of mistakes, because they were not "real" (does that make sense?) Because I didn't go out and buy them (or MAKE them) thinking, "THIS IS MY NEW SKETCHBOOK." So I didn't want to try and go BUY a new process sketchbook... But then my friend Rachel scored a second-hand, softcover, moleskin sketchbook from her work so I'm all set! Once again, it's not the kind I would go out and buy, but for whatever reason, that takes all the pressure off for using it!


  1. I got sick AGAIN. I'm not really sure how, though I'm guessing I got Gabe sick and then he got me sick back again. (I blame the bunk beds!) I am almost all better now. Let's hope it sticks this time...
  2. I am in finals week of school. One class down, two left to go. By the end of the week I should be in the clear!
  3. Weezer released another single from the album, called "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On a Shaker Melody)" and I have been rocking out to it non-stop. It is definitely one of the craziest weezer tracks EVER. It's basically like weezer's "Bohemian Rhapsody" with 8 different styles crammed into this one song. I'll spare you a 1,000 word review... UNTIL THE ALBUM COMES OUT. Ha ha!
  4. Speaking of which, The Red Album release date has been moved up to June 3rd! That means I will have a whole 4 days to rock out and learn all of the words before the MoCCA arts fest!

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I have lots of "gift" sketch books... and it is strange how you end up just throwing random things into these type of books. Usually I am not wanting to show them to anyone (ever) but occasionally there will be gems within them.

I really need to go out an buy a new "dedicated" sketchbook though.

The Weezer album can't come soon enough.

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