Sun 6/1/2008

When Gabe landed his new job, he rewarded himself by buying a brand new Mac Book AIR. His current laptop was about 5 years old, plus he travels a lot, so it was a great upgrade. Also, it was his last chance to cash in on the hefty discount he received, while working as a Mac Genius.

The computer arrived in due time, and it was quite a machine. The first time I held it, I had to restrain myself from flinging it across the room, because it felt so much like holding a FRISBEE. After setting it up, Gabe announced that he would be giving away his old laptop to "someone who needed it."

I thought about this for a while and decided that a laptop would actually serve me quite well. I've been working more and more on my (desktop) iMac, as like my WORK work. So I thought it would help me to move all of my email/internet activity to another machine. That way I'd have to PHYSICALLY move to another computer to access "the great distractor" (the internet) and I would hopefully get more work done on my regular machine.

So I told Gabe I'd like his old laptop, and in that easy, generous way that Gabe has, he gave it to me. I put the machine in the kitchen (at the other end of the apartment from my work station) and transferred all of my bookmarks on to it, and logged in to all of my various email and blog accounts. And for one day, it worked GREAT! I worked on my iMac and then on my breaks I would go into the kitchen and write emails and read blogs, etc. etc. etc.

The next morning I tripped over the power cord and completely ripped it in half.

This is funny, NOT ONLY because Gabe had JUST given me the computer, but also because people have tripped over, and broken, these power cords so frequently that Apple actually CHANGED THE DESIGN of the power attachment, so that it easily detaches if pulled.

Anyway, feeling like a total fool, I trucked on down to the Apple Store to order a replacement part (also please appreciate the irony, that I could no longer use Gabe's Genius discount for the part, by like THREE DAYS). Then things got kind of busy and I never heard back from the Apple Store, so I forgot about it.

But YESTERDAY, I finally gave them a call and lo and behold, the part was in! (see above) So I went and picked it up, and I once again have a working laptop. (I'm typing on it now!) I think this will help me get more work done. Also Photoshop runs a lot faster when I don't have any web browsers open...

So anyhoo, thanks Gabe!



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I use a MacBook and I find the newer power cords equally annoying (I had an iBook with the old cord before this one) because the thing pops off SO EASILY. My little dog Ollie has a thing for tangling himself in the many cords hanging off my computer so he's always pulling it out. REALLY annoying. Then again I went through three of the other cords on my iBook and those things are like $80 a pop! I guess I'd rather have the annoyance of the cord popping out constantly than the expensive replacement cords.

Liz Jun01

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