MoCCA 2008!

Tue 6/10/2008

Well, Greg headed home to Portland yesterday and Kaz just took off to head back to Seattle, so I'm officially declaring an end to this year's MoCCA madness!

The show went pretty well this year, except for the fact that the temperature in New York City skyrocketed from a pleasant 75 degrees to an unbearable 95 degrees (with TONS of HUMIDITY) on Saturday. I suspect this kept many New Yorkers from making the trek downtown for the show. It also made it considerably less fun when we had to evacuate the entire building on Sunday when a fire alarm went off. There were fire trucks and sweating cartoonists galore!

Greg took a ton of pictures (thanks Greg!) which probably provide a better description of this weekend than I could type out here. Mostly it was just great to have all of my comics friends in town to hang out a bit. Also I got SO MANY amazing comics (the bag pictured above is HALF of the comics I scored). And I still haven't even started reading my comics from Stumptown... Yikes!

The biggest highlight of the show, was getting to meet David Libens who is one of the cartoonists from L'employé du Moi. I guess David's wife is from upstate New York, so they were visiting from Belgium for a few weeks to see her family. He came down to New York City just to check out MoCCA, and to drop off a stack of beautiful L'employé du Moi books for me! Now I am even MORE excited to be publishing a book with them, because the books look fantastic!

Now that the dust has settled, I really need to get back to work. I've got a lot of stuff I need to get done between now and the 19th (when I leave for Heroes Con, and then head STRAIGHT to Vermont, for the CCS Summer Workshops). It's gonna be a busy summer!

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Wow - what a great show you had.

I was at MOCCA, but unfortunately can't read a map correctly (maybe it was the heat), and kept going up the elevator and down the stairs, and back into rooms B and C - I never got to room A at all! I missed you, Matt Kindt, Sarah Glidden, Julia Wertz, Liz Prince, well you know - all the people in (presumably giant) room A!!

I am so bummed, and trekked like 40 blocks in the heat up to Grand Central Saturday after the show, because, yup, there were fire trucks around Union Square subway station that day.

I guess Mocca will remain great in my imagination, because the show I wanted to see seems like it did occur, but it was down that dank corridor behind the elevator, by the "food this way," sign. I didn't want any food, so I didn't go that way.

Must have been the heat.

Bruce Jun10

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