Post-MoCCA Lock-Down

Fri 6/13/2008

I have hardly left the house since MoCCA ended. I've been working like a dog, trying to get all this stuff done before Aaron, Julia and I take off for Heroes Con on Thursday, at the crack of dawn.

(The show runs from the 20th to the 22nd. If anyone is in or near Charlotte, NC please swing by and say hello! We'll all be in the "Indie Island" section)

I've got some coloring deadlines for Aaron's book, I'm trying to wrap up my 12-page Dvorak comic for the next Syncopated Comics anthology (only 3 pages left...) Also I need to finish the cover for the L'employé du Moi Phase 7 collection. ALSO I need to plan out some of the stuff I'm going to teach at the CCS summer workshops.

See, Heroes Con ends Sunday night, and then Monday morning Aaron and I are flying up to Vermont for the workshops. I'm PUMPED. We're going to be teaching alongside Robyn Chapman, Steve Bissette, James Kochalka, Jason Lutes and James Sturm (?!) But also while I'm up there I need to find a place to LIVE for next year....

Then I need to like, you know, come back to New York and dismantle my entire life (while still trying to finish up some massive projects). SO... Stress Level = PRETTY HIGH. But it's all cool stuff that I'm working on, right? RIGHT??? Right...

Well, enough bellyaching, I better get back to it!

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Alec --

You are going to LOVE being in Vermont! I was so relieved to get back up here (NH) from NYC's swelter last weekend. You will be in comics paradise.

Ummm... you don't mind mosquitos, do you?

-- Marek

Marek Jun13

I can't wait to see you at Heroes! It's gonna be a hoot.

Chris S. Jun16

you amaze me... try and breathe in there somewhere as well. sheesh.

Good luck forming young minds up in VT!

Bruce Jun22

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