Heroes Con! Sort of...

Thu 6/26/2008

Aggggh! I really want to write a post all about Heroes Con, but I'm totally swamped up here at CCS teaching the summer workshops with Aaron and Robyn. It's going really well!

Instead of a proper write-up, I will direct curious parties to the following pictorial and verbal descriptions of the show, which I find similar to my own experiences (or sometimes INCLUDING my own experiences!)

  1. Greg, my table-buddy-for-life, was, as usual, zipping around with his trusty camera.
  2. Joe Lambert was tabling right across from us during the show (with some of the other fine CCS students!), he was also on a minicomics panel with me, and he also did a nice write up of the show with lots of pictures.
  3. So did my good friend Liz Baillie, who was ALSO on the minicomics panel.
  4. The real highlight of the show, however was the FANTASTIC photos that Aaron took with Kaz and a variety of dressed-up characters at the show. Check these out for sure!

I do need to say a huge thanks to Dustin Harbin for inviting me and all my friends to the show, for organizing everything, and for being a totally nice guy, even under serious organizational pressure and time constraints. He is one heck of a stand-up guy!

Alright, I gotta get over to the school... we are doing some serious drawing today! All kinds of exciting things are happening... I'll try to post again for real as soon as I can!

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