Washington Quarter!

Thu 7/3/2008

I got my very first Washington Quarter yesterday! This is pretty exciting, ESPECIALLY because only a few weeks ago I said, "You know, I bet the Washington Quarter is out now." And every since I've been looking for one. I felt its existence like a tremor in the Force! (Though I guess it's been out since 2007...)

I just remember when they announced the release schedule back in 1999, 2007 sounded like it was a LIFETIME away, and now it's already passed!

I'm pretty pleased overall. It's good that Mt. Rainier is on there and lots of evergreen trees. I'm not so sure about the giant salmon, but whatever. I've seen worse! I feel like this is a quarter I can be proud of.

I've settled into a rhythm for coloring and lettering my French collection of comics. It's pretty strenuous, but I think I can keep it up for a month... I have to re-letter seven pages a day to meet my deadline (gulp!)

I've also started packing everything up (a few boxes a night) so that I don't have to do it all at the end. That was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received: a MONTH before you have to move, start packing. I keep coming across strange little artifacts and things I had forgotten about. I sure have been in New York a long time...

Well, I better get back to it!

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It's definitely better than Wisconsin's "here are some things that I guess you can get here" design: a cow, some cheese, and an ear of corn. At least it bears Wisconsin's awesome slogan, "FORWARD".

wvh Jul03

You should check out the Rifftrax blog's contest for "Most Awesome State Quarter."

joy Jul16

That salmon's gonna' munch that mountain in half! Yum!

sabin Jul19

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