Moving Sale!

Tue 7/8/2008

I've been puttering around the apartment on my breaks, taking stuff down off the walls and putting things into boxes for the impending move. I've also been trying to lighten my load by selling books at The Strand and the like.

So then yesterday I came across the box of Animal Alphabet Paintings. There are still nine left! I would love to have these up on people's walls instead of in some crummy box, so in an effort to get them out there (and to have one less thing to move) I'm going to offer them for HALF OFF. Yup, $75 will include shipping and everything. Also, I've got some of the alphabet books lying around (left over from MoCCA and Heroes Con) so how about this: the first FOUR people who buy a painting also get the Animal Alphabet book for free!

It is going to be first come, first serve, so if you are interested, please email me:
alec [at] alec-longstreth [dot] com
(with "Animal Alphabet" as the subject please!)

The remaining animal paintings are:

  • Aardvark
  • Eel SOLD!
  • Goat SOLD!
  • Kangaroo SOLD!
  • Raccoon SOLD!
  • Turtle SOLD!
  • Unicorn! SOLD!
  • Vulture SOLD!
  • Wolf SOLD!

All sales will go towards helping me pay for my Uhaul rental. :P

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