My Last Day in New York City

Sat 7/26/2008

For months and months now, I thought my last day in New York City would be very nostalgic. I always pictured myself taking a whole day to wander around the city by myself, visiting all the places I had lived and worked, all the museums I had visted, all the libraries and bookstores I had frequented, all the streets and subway stops where I had fallen in love, or had my heart broken, etc. etc. etc.

Well, INSTEAD, I had an awesome day with Rachel, wandering around the city seeing a whole slew of NEW things that I had never experienced in New York! We started the day with a MISSION.

When I was 13, my Mom bought me the book Jim Henson: THE WORKS. In it, there is a section where they talk about Jim Henson's office in New York City. It looked like such an amazing place, with the muppet workshop in the basement and all kinds of amazing custom muppetified architectural details. On a little slip of paper, I wrote down the address of the building, and swore to myself I would go there some day. I have saved that piece of paper for the last 15 years, and oddly enough, it was one of the few remaining things I really wanted to do in New York, but had not done.

We found the building easily enough, but it looked like it had been closed down for a number of years, and there were some construction workers stripping out the insides. That was sad, but it was still pretty incredible to stand in front of the building, and to think of all the amazing things that happened in there. We would have given up then, but Kelly's friend Therese had once done an internship for the Muppet Workshop and she had given us a clue to find its SECOND location.

It was only a few blocks away, but we looked and looked and couldn't find it. I tried calling Therese and Rachel went into a branch of the NY public library to ask for some help. With our combined clues, we were finally able to find THE KERMIT THE FROG FLIPPERPRINTS IN THE CONCRETE OF THE SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING (!!!!?!! - Look at that photo closely!!!)

Again, I was overwhelmed with the thought that Jim Henson had worked in this building day after day for YEARS. Think of all the creative energy in there! And now it is just some stupid gym... Ah well, I guess that's how it goes. Things change, people move to new places (COUGH COUGH)

Anyway, next we went downtown to the South Street Seaport (where I had never been) and caught the new, FREE Ikea shuttle boat to Red Hook, Brooklyn. I had never been on a boat around New York before (well, once as a little kid, to go out to the Statue of Liberty). The views of the city were pretty incredible, and it was a perfect day. Sunny, but not too humid and hot.

We ate in Red Hook and wandered up to Brooklyn Heights, where Rachel grew up, and she showed me all around her old neighborhood, including a tour of the apartment where she grew up. Then we walked along this promenade which has one of the most amazing views of New York EVER. It was like right out of a Woody Allen movie. Then we just kept walking along the water, under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges from park to park as the sun set over the city.

The funny thing is that my camera's battery died right after snapping a few pictures of me and the flipperprints. All through the day, I felt sort of sad that I couldn't take pictures of all the amazing things I saw, but looking back at it now, I'm almost glad it happened that way. The city seemed so huge and exciting and majestic. Much more than it ever could be in some lousy photograph. I will think back to that day years from now and go, "MAN! New York is so incredible and beautiful!" All in all, it was a great send off (thanks Rachel!)

Today has been spent entirely in the apartment, doing the last of my packing. My new bed was delivered today and the Uhaul is all lined up for tomorrow. As soon as I'm done with this post I am going to pack up my computer and that will be that. My next post will be from the Green Mountain State!

And so, I bid a fond farewell to New York City and all of the amazing friends I have made here. It's been an incredible four years and I feel so so SO lucky to have lived here! Thanks everyone!!!

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Congralations, my man! If ever there were a person designed for teaching, it's you; although I still think your ultimate success will have something to do with kids. I have parted the mists of time and SEEN it! Good luck on this next phase of your life...Phase 8? Haw, of course I'm kidding.

Aw Alec, I miss you already!! Strangely my brother by the same name arrived in New York today, the very day you leave, for a week-long visit before his band goes on tour for a month. It's like he sensed there was an Alec-hole in NYC and had to come fill it in!

Liz Jul27

I hope you have a safe trip and that you're very happy in your new home.

Arlene Jul27

You're already missed!

Aaron Jul28

We're going to miss you!! Visit often!!

Tom Jul28

Already missed all the way from Spain :) I hope the move went well, and I'll see you soon.

gcb Jul28

i am going to start using the term "Alec-hole" in daily conversation

stefan Jul28

Best of luck to you good sir.

After all of your talk about Weezer I decided to purchase their latest CD. Some kick ass stuff. It gets better with each listen.

WAM Jul29

Wow, thanks everyone! I miss you all too. Come visit!

And Wade, I'm glad you're enjoying some Weezer! Yeah!

Alec Jul30

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