Tue 7/29/2008

Well, I'm in Vermont! The move was pretty painless, all things considered. I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but my friend and fellow cartoonist Julia Wertz is the person who moved in to my old apartment in Brooklyn.

So Sunday morning I picked up the Uhaul and drove over to Julia's place, where we met up with Sarah and Aaron. We all loaded Julia's crap into the truck, drove from Bushwick to Williamsburg, loaded all her stuff up into the apartment, then loaded all of MY stuff back down to the truck, and then Rachel and I hit the road!

It felt so surreal driving out of New York. It really didn't seem like I was leaving... Anyway, the drive was really nice, except for some seriously heavy rain at one point, and before we knew it we were in White River Junction, Vermont!

I had recruited some help via email a week before, so within 10 minutes of pulling into town, Robyn, Dennis, Chuck, Joe and Sean appeared, to help me lug stuff up to my new apartment. (Thanks y'all!)

The new apartment is AMAZING! After getting some dinner with the gang, Rachel and I came back to the place and tried to unpack a few things and try to start figuring out where things will go. (I will post some Flickr pictures once I get everything sorted out...)

Monday I wandered around White River Junction with Rachel, showing her the school and most of the town (there's not much, so it only takes a few hours...) And then we spent many more hours in the apartment, trying to make everything make sense.

This morning Rachel hopped on the train back to New York, and I got back to work on some of the projects I wasn't quite able to finish off before the move.

Supposedly most of the first year students will be showing up this week, as well as my fellow Fellow, Chris Wright. I'm excited for everything to get rolling here at the school, but it'll be nice to have a month to settle in. It's a little weird because I have come up to CCS a few times for short visits. But now I LIVE here. That will take some getting used to...

OH! I almost forgot! I'm also going to be part of a reading THIS FRIDAY, August 1st at 6pm in the Mainstreet Museum (next to the CCS Library!) It's going to be me, Robyn, Karen Sneider and Jon Lewis reading our comics. A good time will be had by all! If you're in town, please swing by!

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Cool, Alec - into the place where there are trees instead of concrete! Jaxen and I found you the perfect housewarming gift at a garage sale. Send your address via e-mail. Pat

Gabe's Mom Jul29

Welcome to Vermont, Alec. WRJ is a good place for a comic illustrator to be. I'm amazed you managed to find hours of entertainment exploring White River Junction. Takes me 40 minutes!

Pat - Score! I'll email you right quick. Thanks! :)

Christopher - We spent some time touring the school facilities (the class, the lab, the studio, the library) and also spent some time wandering around the Tip Top media arts building. We saw a lot of cool art in there!

Alec Jul30

Alec! Too bad we missed each other before your move. Looking forward to keeping up with your Vermont adventures and new work.

Doug Jul31

alec, hope you are enjoying vt. have fun at the reading tonight, i wish i could make it...

sean Aug01

Glad to hear that you are starting to settle in, what a great adventure/opportunity... enjoy every minute of it. Wish I could attend the reading, moreso wish I could attend the school... still just not in the cards financially... life.

My WRJ tip - take a sunset beer on the railway bridge out behind the school - you need a break from drawing every now and then.

So Julia moved into your old place, you moved into my old place, now all we need is for another cartoonist to move into her old place, and for me to move into another cartoonist's old place. The cycle of cartoonist residency continues!

Ha ha! Yeah Lucy, we should make a big moebius strip of housing shifts. Thanks again for your help in getting the apartment - it's great! I hope you are settling in okay in Chicago!

Alec Aug04

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