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Thu 8/7/2008

Ha ha, well, thanks to everyone who wrote comments here and over on my Flickr account. It seems like (for the most part) people are pretty into this idea of the Basewood Beard!

One of my favorites was the drawing shown here, which my friend Sarah drew MONTHS ago, when I visited her house in Portland, after the Stumptown Comics Fest. Even then, I was hatching my scheme for growing this beard. :)

The other cool thing I discovered after posting this challenge, is that I am in no way the first person to attempt something like this! Above are some pictures from my new friend Neil who shaved his head at the start of grad school, and then tried to grow it out for ONE THOUSAND DAYS (these before-and-after shots span THREE YEARS!!?!)

Also, Corinne sent me this rad link for this site where some of her high school friends grew out their beards as a fundraiser to fight cancer. It seems like everyone's beard grows out at a different rate and/or length... We'll see what mine does!

As far as the drawing comics part of the bargain goes, it has not been the best week to rededicate myself to Basewood. I've only been able to get in an hour or so of work in on it each night before going to sleep. :(

My days have been spent trying to finish off the last of the lettering for the upcoming French collection of Phase 7. It is a lot of work, and I'm pretty burned out on it at this point, but at least I'm in the home stretch... I just have to tough it out!

And actually, L'employé du Moi just created a preview page for the book. The text is all in French, but it's got some preview pages, and a big image of the cover and even some photos from my re-lettering process. Check it out and start getting pumped! The book should be out in November.

Alright, well, I better get some sleep. I'm determined to have this lettering done by the end of the week and then I'll be working on Basewood full steam ahead!

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Everyday, I check this green line on your home page and everyday it's getting closer to the end.
You're almost there !
As we say in French : Courage !

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