CCS Fellowship Kick Off!

Sun 9/7/2008

Well the Fellows Exhibit opening went GREAT. The best part by far, was when all of my friends from Randolph, Vermont surprised me by showing up (Charlotte's parents, Dan's parents and the McMeekins!) It was good to see all of them again and a real treat to be able to show them the school.

Lots of other people came to check out the original pages, a few of them bought some of our comics, I got to drink THREE root-beer floats, and I even got to see James Sturm beat Gabby at ping-pong (which I guess was a first).

On Saturday I sat in on the SIX HOUR orientation session for the first-year students. It was cool to get to meet everyone and we got a very thorough overview of the school and all it has to offer. This is going to be an awesome year!

Then today a bunch of us got together at a park and played some soccer (and ultimate frisbee). It was a lot of fun! I can't remember the last time I played soccer (2001 I'd guess?) Joe (who took the picture above) is really good about organizing fun stuff for people to do. I'm getting the feeling that we really have to take advantage of the nice weather while we still have it. Winter is coming!

Well, tomorrow is the first day of school. I teach my first Professional Practices class on Wednesday, and then on Thursday Chris and I both have to give a lecture about our work that we will be doing for the fellowship. Here goes something!

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Good Luck this week! You'll master this like everything else!

Chance Sep08

Good luck this week! You'll master this like you do everything else!

Chance Sep08

Mom called Friday night to tell me what a great time they had seeing you and the exhibit!

cep Sep08

Good luck with everything, Alec!!!
Have an amazing time ^_^ The summer CCS course was the highlight of my vacation.

Liberty R. Sep09

I caught the TRON reference! I caught the TRON reference!

Good luck in your first professional practice class, too.

Marek Sep09

Huh? I made a TRON reference??? Who knew! (I guess YOU did Marek!) Sorry I haven't called you yet about the class. I've been in a blur of motion, trying to get ready for the first class. Soon, soon!

Alec. Sep10


'[Lora and Dr. Gibbs are preparing to digitize an orange.]

Dr. Lora Baines: Well, here goes nothing.

Dr. Walter Gibbs: Interesting! Interesting! You hear what you just said? "Here goes nothing."

Dr. Lora Baines: Well, I meant—
Dr. Walter Gibbs: Whereas what we propose to do is to turn something into nothing, and back again. So you might just as well have said "Here goes something, and here comes nothing!" Hah?

Dr. Lora Baines: Right... '


Marek Sep11

I caught the Game of Thrones reference!

Dan Sep16

Ha ha ha, awesome Dan! I'm glad someone did. I'm on book three of that series and I am loving it. It's strange to read a story about an oncoming massive Winter while in Vermont, getting ready for a big winter!

Alec. Sep16

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