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Fri 9/26/2008

Oh jeez... where to begin?! I guess I'll try to take it day by day... There has been a lot going on, and I've been neglecting my blog duties...

Thursday (the 18th) Max gave his talk. Then on Friday we hung out and did a lot of drawing. Some cartoonist friends came over to my place that night and we drew all over my kitchen table, because it was only covered in boring brown paper. I need to get a good photo of it to put up, but until then, trust me, it is pretty awesome! At the end of the night, Max and I covered everything with clear contact paper, so now when I spill I can just use a sponge to clean it up, and the drawings are protected! Thanks to everyone who came and drew on the table.

Saturday Max borrowed a bike from Robyn and Dennis, who came with us, along with Jon Chad and Gabby on a bike ride to Quechee State Park. We had a perfect day for it, though my crummy little bike made the 6-mile uphill ride there pretty rough. We stopped along the way to see a beautiful waterfall and a glass-blowing studio, and then we went on a hike down the Quechee Gorge, where we went for a (VERY QUICK) swim in the (VERY COLD) river. The 6-mile downhill ride home was a lot easier! :)

Sunday we had an epic game of CCS Soccer. We have played the last few weekends, but usually it's 3 on 3 (which is pretty tiring, for full-field play) but THIS time we had 6 on 6, which was SO much more fun! We played for a full two hours, which was great (except for David's knee injury which was kind of a bummer)

Monday a bunch of us met up for Matt Young's surprise party, at Robyn and Dennis's house, and then Tuesday Max and I hopped on the 11am train to New York City! (!!?!)

Steve warned me that I should not let my students know why I wasn't going to be teaching my class this week, because, well... let's just say that I don't have the most PROFESSIONAL reason for missing Professional Practices... But I'm sure they'd find out eventually, so I might as well just come clean...

Yup, I came to New York to see WEEZER! The show was Wednesday night (the 12th anniversary of Pinkerton's release!) and it was pretty incredible. This review has a pretty good wrap up, along with some nice pictures (including the one above, which I stole). I won't go into too much detail (this entry is long enough as it is!) but I will say it is pretty strange to see Weezer play a show in Madison Square Garden after having seen them in small clubs. It was SO HUGE, and they seemed SO SMALL and far away. It was not as intense of an experience as I had maybe hoped for... Also, it's strange to have 6 whole albums to pull tracks from. I think they feel obligated to play something from all of them, which is definitely not how I would organize the set list, but it was still a great show. Rivers looked like he was having SO much fun, and they played "Suzanne" which is my all-time favorite Weezer song, which I had never heard live before, so that was really really great. Probably the worst part of the night was that my Weezer-friend-for-life, Liz Baillie could not see the stage because of the tall people in front of us, and our seat placement (on the floor, in the back) :( Sorry Liz!

Other than that, I have been spending most of my time with Rachel, which has been very relaxing. Yesterday I met up with Max one last time before he went back to Brussels, to check out some of the great comic shops in Brooklyn. When we met up, he had some very exciting news for me - the new French PHASE 7 collection came back from the printer!!!

Here are some of the L'employe du Moi guys with the new book! I put some photos of the book up in my Flickr account, so check it out. The book looks GREAT! There are no mistakes, which is pretty rare in publishing, so thanks to all the guys at L'employe du Moi for all of their hard work! The book will be out in November, so if you live in France, Belgium or Quebec, keep an eye out!

Hmmmm, I think that's about it. I got to see Gabe last night and I'm hanging out with Rachel as much as I can before I head back to Vermont tomorrow. I will return to another great house guest and some frantic SPX preparations. The fun never stops!

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Hey I had a great time at Weezer even not being able to see them! At least they had that big screen thing so I felt like I could see SOMETHING even if it wasn't the band. The best part of it anyway was rocking out with you so WHATEVS! They should have had some TV screens showing the action on stage, like they do at sporting events. That would have made it more worth my money. It doesn't matter though, because I had a good time! And you'd BETTER be rocking out with me to some Weezer at the Karaoke Karavan at SPX!

Liz Sep27

I agree Liz, they should have shown the rock action on the big screens! Your on for Karaoke!

Alec. Sep28

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