Running out of This American Life :(

Thu 10/9/2008

Today I listened to the 300th episode of This American Life. I searched back through my blog archives, and it looks like I started listening to the show in 2004 and listened to episode #200 last year.

They have every episode archived online, so I just started at the beginning and then moved my way through the episodes in numeric order. Since they have been doing it for so many years, they now have a large body of work to pull from, for reruns. So although there were 300 episodes from 1995 - 2005, there are only 68 more remaining from 2006 - 2008. (I guess this is also why they were able to create the TV show, which I have not seen yet).

I must say, it is my favorite audio program. There are some days where I will listen to three or four episodes in one sitting, while I draw and color. And just when I think I am sick of it, when I read the description of the next episode and it sounds boring, I am always surprised how interesting it ends up being. Whether they are telling jokes, reading scenes from a book or a play, reporting about the war, interviewing kids, or whatever else they can cook up, the stories are always so engrossing. And it is so nice to have something to listen to, that is exactly one hour. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "Ugh, I'm so tired! I want to go to sleep, but I need to draw... I know! I'll put on an episode of This American Life!"

I am going to be very sad when I have listened to them all. Though I guess it will be exciting to wait for the newest episode to come out every few weeks... I wonder what will fill this hole in my listening time... I'm already listening to audiobooks, and music, and some comics podcasts. I think Ezra sent me a CD-R of old Radio dramas from the 20s and 30s, maybe I should give those another listen...

Anyways, I guess I just wanted to say "SIGH" and once again encourage people to check out This American Life if they haven't already!

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Oh shizz--I've got a pretty good sized collection myself, especially of Orson Welles Mercury Theatre and Campbell Playhouse and The Shadow and a bunch of other stuff. Also some 50's Superman serials which are good for zoning out during inking. I should put those on a CD for you, my bro.

Thanks Dustin, that would be rad!

Alec. Oct09

I spent about 90 percent of my painting class listening to either Indie Spinner, This American life, Wait Wait Don't tell Me or Old Jack Benny Episodes. It Always bothered me that I couldn't put American Life on my Ipod (I was too broke/cheap to buy them) but now I listen to it when I draw at home. I think I'll try listening from the start, thanks for the idea.

Here's a link to Jack Benny (I recommend starting around episodes 473 or 502) I don't know if it's your thing but I really enjoy them.

Alex Blair Oct10

I've listened to a few too, and love the content but have to admit there's something annoying about his voice! Very cruel of me I know.
you might enjoy the Panel Borders show on Resonance FM
or there's always something intelligent and fascinating on BBC Radio 4 'Listen Again' function -
Hugely popular over here is the Adam and Joe show on BBC 6 digital - you can listen again as above, or download their podcasts which have the music taken out - I'd be interested to know if you find them amusing!

Try "Mystery Theatre" and also NPR's Storycorps project:

Mom Oct10

Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll definitely give them all a try.

Alec Oct10

they have the tv show collected on dvd now. you could get it 15 bucks or find some place to rent it.

I have had a similar TAL problem. Try Radiolab.

Corinne Oct13

I just finished watching the first DVD of the TV show from Netflix. It was weird! I just don't expect to SEE things when I hear Ira Glass's voice, you know?

Liz B. Oct13

Radiolab's worth a listen to as well.

Matt S. Oct15

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