Spotlight on Jon Chad y'all!

Thu 10/23/2008

I met Jon Chad a number of times, before I really understood who he was, or all the amazing things he was doing with comics. For the last four years he has been a student at SCAD in the sequential art program, so I think he must have first crossed my path at SPX a few years back, where I got a few of his minicomics.

Then, last year, Jon was an intern during the 2007 CCS summer workshops. I remember him as a very friendly, extremely helpful and knowledgeable guy. But I still wasn't putting 2 and 2 together. A few months later his SCAD buddy Alex Bullet showed up at the Stumptown Comics Fest with a envelope just for me, with Jon's latest minicomics. One was "Leo Geo And His Miraculous Journey Through The Center Of The Earth" which I've got to say, is one of the most incredible minicomics ever created.

This summer, Jon was at the CCS summer workshop AGAIN, though this time as guest faculty. And then soon after I arrived at CCS in August for my fellowship, Jon was hired on as the school's Lab Technician! It was at this point that we started hanging out. Here's what I can tell you about Jon Chad, as I know him thus far:

Jon Chad can draw dragons, jet fighters, monsters, bizarre humanoids, bicycles, football mascots, extremely detailed backgrounds and pretty much anything else you can image with great adroitness. He can also draw all of this stuff VERY FAST and his imagination seems to have no limit of strange and hilarious ideas to keep his nib moving. Jon Chad is a wizard of minicomics and an expert screenprinter. Jon Chad is fond of: BREAD, Tapirs, NUTE GUNRAY (!!?!), puns and board games. If you show Jon Chad a map of Middle Earth which you happen to own, he will give you a solid high-five and say something clever, such as "That's what I'm TOLKIEN about!" If you ask him if he wants to watch Star Wars, he will roll his eyes at you, in an "OF COURSE" sort of way.

In short: he is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to hang out with in White River Junction.

And seriously, he gave a talk today at the school, about his minicomics, and I am convinced that he is making some of the most ground-breaking, important minicomics in the country (or perhaps THE WORLD) right now. They are not just vessels for stories which will be collected later. He is elevating minicomics to their own art form. He is creating stories that can ONLY exist as minicomics and could never be reprinted in a mere book. He is pushing the very boundaries of what paper can do, and how people use it to read! He showed us the prototype for his next minicomic today, and it is one of the craziest, most complex things I have ever seen.

This is all to say that if you haven't already, you should try to get your hands on some of Jon's minicomics. They are all hand-made, and are produced in very small print runs, and once they are gone, there is no guarantee he will ever print them again. So hop to it!

LASTLY: Jon Chad just started a new blog with all kinds of goodness in it. Check it out!

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Yeah Jon Chad rules!!! He's also an excellent dancer!

Liz B. Oct24

That's some heavy praise man. I'm placing an order.

Cam Oct24

Thanks for turning me on.... to a new great artist! floored me. love it!

Chance Nov18

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