Deadline Doldrums

Mon 11/24/2008

Yikes, TEN DAYS without a blog entry??? That's got to be some sort of record on here... (not in a good way) In my defense, it was another busy week here at CCS and I had a big comics project due this morning.

On Tuesday night, my buddy Marek Bennett rolled into town to stay with me for a night, so that he wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to my Professional Practices class the next morning. Marek's lecture was information-packed and also a lot of fun. Not only is Marek a great educator, but he also draws one of my favorite minicomics, Mimi's Doughnuts Zine, which he puts out four times a year (an admirable feat in and of itself!)

Wednesday night, Rachel rolled into town on the train from New York. Luckily, she had a lot of editing work to do on the next six-word memoir book, so we were able to spend most of her time here working on our respective projects, with an occasional break to watch movies, cook a meal together or go bowling. It has become EXTREMELY COLD in Vermont, so we weren't TOO tormented about not being able to get outside much.

Thursday I covered Jason Lutes's Cartooning Studio class, as he had to drive to Providence that day, to participate in a comics lecture. I was sort of nervous about my own lecture, but in the end I think in went pretty well, except for the part where I started crying in front of the class, trying to read an excerpt from Blankets (ha ha, ugh...) Sometimes it is hard to publicly talk about things that are really REALLY profoundly important to you. You know?

Anyway, that afternoon Alex Robinson gave a lecture as this week's visiting artist. Afterwards Rachel and I took Alex and his wife Kristin out to dinner, which was really fun.

Friday I met with James Sturm to go over the pencils for this fundraising minicomic for the school, that I have been working on with my good friend JP Coovert. (It's going to be like a split-zine, with me drawing each left-facing page and JP drawing each right-facing page). The rest of the weekend was spent finishing up this comic.

I had to pull an all-nighter last night to get it in by this morning, which WOULD have been rough, but at midnight ALONE II: THE HOME RECORDINGS OF RIVERS CUOMO was released, so I spent a blissful 8 hours listening to it on repeat while I inked and toned pages.

I'm still digesting the album, WHICH IS INCREDIBLE, so I will wait to properly weigh in. Needless to say, I am really excited about it, and I'm listening to it over and over and over. You should check it out! Rivers Cuomo is one of the most dedicated, hard-working artists alive today.

Okay, okay, more stuff soon!

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You think Rivers is a dedicated, hard-working artist? You should check out this Alec Longstreth dude-- I hear he didn't even sleep last night...

Rach Nov24

Hey Alec, I really enjoyed your lecture (I think we all did). I teared up when you showed Goodbye, Chunky Rice! Clunk, clunk.

Jose Luis Nov25

Thanks Jose! I really appreciate your comment. Clunk clunk indeed!

Alec Nov25

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