Fri 11/28/2008

Well, I had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at the Foltz Family Homestead. Holly Foltz is one of the first-year students at CCS this year, and her mom invited over anyone who didn't have a place to go for Thanksgiving. A bunch of us took her up on the offer, and a good time was had by all! We were able to trade our minicomics for delicious food, which EASILY goes into my list of "top ten best trades of all time."

Another first-year, Jen, took a bunch of pictures (including the one above!) and even a few videos of us singing Beatles songs after dinner, which was really fun. Check them out in her Flickr account.

Hmmm... what else? That project I was working on is in, with all corrections approved, so now I'm back to work on coloring Aaron's book and penciling Basewood. It's going to be a nice weekend of work. I can't believe Novemeber is almost over! Where did this year go???

Oh, I know what else. Frunch, GCB and I decided to cancel the French translation of the Dvorak Zine. It's kind of a bummer (especially when I think of how many hours I spent, converting the zine) but It was turning into way too much work, and all these other people wanted to do translations in other languages. Hopefully we can inspire people to make their OWN zines about Dvorak in other countries. There should be a HUNDRED Dvorak zines, not just one!

There's not much else to report, I guess! I'm pretty happy these days, which gives me less to gripe about on here. :P I'm sure I'll think of something!

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