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Sun 12/14/2008

I have been working super hard lately, coloring Aaron's book. I'm at that point where I don't even quite feel like I exist when I'm coloring. I'm like some sort of robot that attaches to the computer and automatically starts filling in the pages. It's like my old teacher Mike Grube used to say about drafting, "First you get good, then you get fast, then you get good AND fast." I think I've reached that point with coloring Aaron's work.

Normally, I would feel pretty burned out by working this much, but lately I've been doing really well with it. The new variation on The Schedule has helped a lot, and I've been READING and taking a lot of naps on my breaks, plus it is SO FREAKING COLD outside, I don't really feel the need to leave the apartment.

It also helps that I've been taking advantage of longer breaks when they pop up. Jon set up an awesome field trip to Burlington last week, to look at a collection of rare artists' books and to tour his old screenprinting studio. (Jen took A BUNCH of photos and videos of the trip). It was really amazing!

I don't know. It's weird. I feel really... "stable" lately? I'm excited to get out of bed in the morning, I'm happy working on my projects, I'm not TOO stressed about the future (or the present), I hang out with friends, drink tea, listen to good music, read books. Life is pretty good! I know I'm probably CURSING myself by saying that out loud, but it's true!

Anyway, I've got my last class on Wednesday, then I'm heading down to Boston on Friday to hang out with some friends for a few days before I head home for Xmas. There will definitely be some adventures along the way, so I'll try to make a few posts from the road. Until then!

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Glad to hear it's going well.
Are you planning a visit to hear Boston Museum of Science - Dragons & Unicorns exhibit while you're in town?

Have a good break!

Bruce Dec15

Got your holiday package today. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

David Dec19

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