Tue 1/6/2009

We're not even a WEEK into this year, and already there is some stuff that is knocking my socks off.

First and foremost, I finally sat down and listened to some of the results from my friend Sudara's 24-hour album day which he hosted over at A Lone Tone. Using the 24-hour comic structure, the idea was to create 24 minutes of music in 24 consecutive hours, with no prior planning. There are some really amazing results!

While this technically happened LAST YEAR, I didn't get around to checking this out until now, and I gotta say I was completely floored by how amazing the site is. It was all created by my friend Sudara (the artist formerly known as Mark S. Williams) and it is so simple and straightforward and easy to use. You can post your music for people to listen to it, set up a podcast of your music, and easily check out other people's music and comment on it, etc. There is a really neat community of musicians on that site. It's great!

This comes as YET ANOTHER, in a series of recent musical inspirations. I had such a good time seeing live music at the Yule Ball in Boston, and then I asked for (and received!) a music making thing for Xmas, and I have been listening to Songs From the Black Hole over and over and over again.... ANYWAY, I created an account over at A Lone Tone and I'm scheming on a plan that might involve making some music in 2009!

Okay, SECONDLY, I got my first minicomic from Liz Baillie's Minicomic of the Month Club! This is an awesome project and if you want to get a cool minicomic in the mail EVERY MONTH, you should check this out. Also, you get a MEMBERSHIP CARD. I can't wait until the next comics show, so I can flash it at people. I'm in the club!

THIRDLY, my good friend Nate moved to Chicago and has finally set up his drawing board! (so to speak) He's gonna post a new drawing (and/or comics page) every day this month over on They've been great so far, so check them out.

I have all kinds of other stuff to talk about but I'll save it for later posts... BUSY BUSY.

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ah, thanks for the plug. even MORE pressure to keep it up! the minicomic of the month club is a great idea.

Alonetone sounds awesome! I just looked at the site briefly, do they have it set up so people can easily download your stuff for free if you want them to be able to?

I have been doing a lot of rocking out lately on my guitar and writing little songs with MK (I am good with the music part but not the words part, and she has the opposite) and I am getting a UKULELE in the mail in the next few days so I can rock out even tinier and more awesomely! I would like to arrange some kind of ukulele/bass/maraca cover of Tainted Love involving some sort of Beach Boys/Weezer-ey harmonizing vocals. We'll see what happens I guess!

One of these days you and I should totally JAM! Maybe someday in Future World when I visit Vermont (which I've been saying for years).

And thanks so much for the plug! I'm glad you are digging on the Club so far!

Liz B. Jan07

Yeah Liz, you can either hit the "play" arrow to stream the music or you can hit the "down" arrow to download the mp3. Super easy!

I am up for rocking out ANY TIME. There's an old piano in one of the CCS spaces, so I've been trying to figure out a time to get in there and noodle around on it.

Good luck with your minicomic club, I can't wait for the next book!

Alec Jan07

I have totally now joined Alonetone and am totally "following" you now! Woo!

Liz B. Jan07

BTW, Liz, visiting Vermont is fun and easy! If you can scrape together the Amtrak fare (not super-cheap, I admit), it's virtually hassle-free. The ride is smooth enough to draw on and has plugs for computer-working or movie-watching...

Rachel Jan07

Hey alec!

Thanks for the alonetone and 24 our album shout out, it means a lot.

The 24 hour album was a rocking time. We had chat rooms set up for "support" and had 2 go times on the 6th and 13th of december. About 16 folks ended up doing it on these two weekends! There's a really cool 'directory' of everyone's albums here:

Anyway, what I really want to say is thanks for the inspiration Alec. We wouldn't have done the mighty 24 it if it wasn't for you and the 24 hour comic.

Sudara Jan07

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