Coloring Season

Fri 1/16/2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Sam Carbaugh, or as I like to call him "Sam The Intern!" Each second-year student at CCS has to complete 60 hours of internship credits for graduation. So for the last two weeks, Sam has been helping me color Aaron's next graphic novel.

This is a photo of Sam at his workstation (and/or "the kitchen table"). We have been working as a team. I drop in some rough color spots, Sam fills in the characters and then I finish off the backgrounds. This has worked pretty well and Sam has saved me a good 20 hours of work these past few weeks (thanks Sam!)

I've pretty much been on full coloring LOCK-DOWN since I got back from Seattle. It's been extremely cold outside (SO COLD that I've been writing POETRY about it!!!) so there's not been much motivation to get out and do stuff. I guess this is what people were talking about, when they called winter up here "Cartooning Season." You sure can get a lot of work done when it's -23F outside. I guess for me, this year, it's "Coloring Season."

Also, today, sadly, I finally listened to my last episode of This American Life. I've now listened to all 371 episodes, and every single one of them contained something really worthwhile or thought-provoking. The show is still going, so I'll be checking for new episodes, but I'll need to find somewhere else to haunt on a daily basis... I've got my eye on RadioLab and The Moth.

Well, there's a lot of stuff on my horizon, but I guess I'll save that for later blog posts. For now I need to get to bed, so I can be well rested for another full day of coloring tomorrow!

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RadioLab, without question.

Jason Jan17

RadioLab is MMMMMmmmmMMM good. Robert Krulwich is hilarious.

You should go for RadioLab. The host, Robert Krulwich is an Oberlin Alum (Jad Abumrad, the other host, might be too . . . I'm not sure). AND I taught his daugher, Nora Krulwich!

Tom Taylor Jan17

Radiolab it is! Thanks guys.

Alec Jan17

Lock down sounds good, here's to lockdown! Hope you have a great new year.

Doug Jan17

Okay Radio Lab is awesome but the Moth has had me laughing out loud and gasping with true sadness @ the same time!

Chance Jan17

I just listened to all 15 archived podcasts of The Moth. It was great! But it was only about 3 hours of audio, not even enough to get me through one day! I wish there was more...

Alec Jan17

I met the girl who made the Noriega's Pen Pal issue. She stayed at mine and Liz's hotel with a dog and a bunch of river hippies.

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