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Wed 2/25/2009

Oh man, with all this stuff going on, I have not been doing a good job of plugging some pretty cool books that came out recently:

COOL BOOK #1: Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak edited by Rachel Fershleiser (and Larry Smith). Rachel works as an editor over at, where every day people submit hundreds of six-word memoirs. She edited down a selection of these THOUSANDS of entries into a book, which was extremely successful, so now they are doing a series of them.

As the title suggests, THIS one is all about love and heartbreak, and it WOULD have been a great present for Valentine's Day, but alas I'm a little tardy in my posting... ANYWAY, it's a really great concept and there are hundreds of really great memoirs in this book, written by ordinary people, just like you and me. It's pretty amazing how much of a story you can tell in six words... Anyway, Rachel works REALLLLLY hard on these books, so check it out next time you are at the bookstore! (They are EVERYWHERE).

COOL BOOK #2: I Saw You... Comics Inspired by Real Life Missed Connections edited by Julia Wertz. A few years back, Julia (of Fart Party fame) had this cool idea to make comics based on missed connections. She gathered entries from a hundred or so cartoonists and then edited these down into a book.

I have a two page comic in this book, and a BUNCH of my friends and favorite cartoonists are in it as well, so you should definitely pick up a copy! Julia created a blog for the book which has a listing of everyone who is in it and a bunch of reviews, etc. etc. It's kind of a big deal!

Well, I guess that concludes my episode of Reading Rainbow... Oh wait! "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!" ba-duh-duhn!

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Got on here to tell you, we got the new issue. I was waiting to open till today because I was reading 'I saw you'..... HAHAH
Great minds...something something

Chance Mar02

Just got Phase 7 #14 in the mail! Thanks, Alec.

I plan on reading 'I Saw You" next.

David Mar02

Dear Alec
I got Phase 7 #14 yesterday here in PARIS (France), only 5 days (including a week-end) after you sent it. So long for the bad reputation of the US postal service. AND I got a call from UPS that I suspect is for my LULU's orders of your previous work. Anyways, my message is (i) I'm a happy new suscriber to the "real" phase 7, after I discovered your work through the Employé du Moi french edition. To my fellow french citizens : Allez-y, abonnez-vous, ça marche ! (ii) You're doing a great job of capturing glimpses of how we function here, it's only a pity you had to rush so much during your trip, I hope you get the opportunity to come back. My favorite part is the panels on the subway when the typical parisian jumps out -rather, walks through air - the carriage 5s before it stops (having duly selected the carriage that will stop right in front of the correct lobby for the connection, thus saving another precious 5s). I've been doing that all my life, and you are rendering it perfectly in just a few panels. Hail to the subway drivers who have made an art of releasing the capacity to open the doors at the ideal time when the train has lost enough speed so that you don't fall but still have the satisfaction of gaining 5s (and mesmerizing tourists). They are slowly replacing the carriages with automatic doors that don't have the latches, so in a few years we will only have your comic to remember that...

delphine Mar04

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