Tue 4/7/2009

Man oh man I am busy these days. I thought April was going to be all chill and relaxed after March Madness, but then all these projects popped up (and overlapped) and now I'm trying to keep a lot of balls in the air.

On one hand it is really stressful but on the other hand, I know that I am organized and I'm working extremely hard and getting a tremendous amount of work done, so I'm trying to just trust myself. By my count I've been successfully freelancing for two full years now, so let's hope I can keep that going!

ALSO, I should say that I feel so so lucky because every project I'm working on is really incredible. Yesterday it rained all day and I kept one window open to let the smell of the rain come in and I just sat inside all day drawing and coloring and inking. I barely took a break all day, but even so, I felt really content and woke up today, excited to get back to work.

A downside is that I'm not able to blog very often. I know people will say it doesn't matter, but I do miss blogging more. At this point I either get to write a blog entry or work for an hour on Basewood, and you can guess which option I have been choosing!

I hope everyone is doing well in their part of the world and that Spring finds its way to you soon!

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Congratulations for your 2 years anniversary!

Sacha Apr08

Gotta love the Earl Grey.

WAM Apr08

I like the news, but Basewood is more important! Now, get back to work!


Andy Apr08

I didn't know about the Dark Horse 8-pager! That sounds exciting. Can't wait to see it!

Andy Apr10

if you finish listening/reading Raintree County before I do.... well, then i am a bad son

Stefan Apr11

No worries Stefan, I've got about three other AudioBooks to get through first, including David Copperfield, which is like 30 hours, so I'm sure your title of "best son in the world" will remain intact!

Alec Apr11

I take it you aren't coming to Stumptown this year?

misuba Apr12

I am! I will be there next weekend! (I'm going to post about it later tonight...)

Alec Apr12

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