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Wed 5/6/2009

Hey, remember when I was talking about that creative breakthrough I had? Well, you can catch the first glimpse of it, in the form of a new 8-page, full color comic, over at Dark Horse's Myspace page.

This is one of many stories that I'm hoping to do in a new fantasy world I'm calling "The Isle of Elsi." Little comics stories will probably turn up here and there in various anthologies over the next few years, while I am finishing Basewood. Then Elsi stories will rugularly start appearing in the pages of Phase 7!

Anyway, I'm very excited about these characters and this story was a lot of fun to draw, so I hope everyone will go check it out. And thanks to Katie and Sierra for giving me a chance to draw it!

In other news, I'm 99% sure I broke one of my ribs during the CCS Faculty Vs. Students basketball game on Monday. I felt a nasty pop in my side, when I collided with the shoulder of my pal Garry-Paul BONESTEEL (an appropriate last name, if ever there was one!) And now, two days later, it feels like someone is twisting a knife in my side if I take a deep breath, or try to blow my nose, or laugh. I sneezed yesterday and it felt like being SHOT.

I called up Gabe, who broke some ribs last year (also playing basketball, I think?) and he corroborated everything I am currently experiencing, and reassured me that going to the doctor would not accomplish much, since they can't really put a cast on it or anything. I called my Dad (a doctor) just to be safe, and he confirmed that I didn't have any internal bleeding, and then said pretty much the same thing.

So... yeah. I'm going to try and take it pretty easy for the next couple of weeks, while my body fixes itself. I'm sitting up a lot straighter, which is a good thing, but trying not to laugh is surprisingly hard. Other than that, I'm just trying to keep the bear hugs to a minimum!

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oooh. man, didn't realize the extent of your injuries this weekend. yikes!

i once fell through a ceiling and, i guess, broke some ribs. i say "i guess" because i never went to the doctor. it was a long and painful recovery (awful bruising, crazy not to seek medical help).

a year or so ago i finally went to the doc. i have pains sometimes. bad ones. they x-rayed me and said there was nothing i could do. "pain management". that's it.


cat May06

OUCH Cat! That does suck. My dad pointed out on the phone today that ribs are sort of MEANT to be broken though. Their whole purpose is to protect the REALLY important parts of our body (lungs, heart, etc.) from bearing the brunt of these impacts.

Alec May06

Yowza, that sounds awful! Hope you start to feel better soon!

I look forward to seeing more of these Isle of Elsi stories in the future though!

Liz B. May06

Enjoyable stuff! I'm excited to read more.
If you are into backwards names, there's a cafe near us called Llamedos!

That was a fun story Alec. I liked reading your work in colour. Wish I could join you and Liz in Toronto. Have a great time and hope the rib heals up very soon.

Cam May08

Alec --

What a bad break! Hope you don't have to endure any ribbing about your painful side...

I like the story, especially how those stiff, geometrical trees really start to build up a sense of depth in the forest. I think my favorite detail was the prodigious puff of sooty smoke wafting from Draziw's homepipe. I like it when idyllic forests and romantic characters combine with gritty realistic details like that.

Fantastic story! I wonder if this means it will be in print through Dark Horse as well?

I look forward to more stories from this world.

Andy May10

Nice interview for the Daily News Alec ! And congratulation for this first "dragon and wolves" strory, the colors are amazing ! I can't wait to see more about that new world your working on...

Max May12

Thanks everyone! I'm glad people are enjoying the story. I did an interview about it over at if people want to know a bit more:;id=21164

Cam - I was bummed I didn't get to see you while I was in Canada!

Andy - Dark Horse will eventually collect my comic into one of their Dark Horse Presents print collections.

Alec May12

Great news about the print version! I'll be on the lookout for it. I think it will help your work find a wider audience.

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