Graduation 2009

Wed 5/20/2009

Well, last Saturday was the graduation ceremony for The Center for Cartoon Studies. My fellow Fellow, Chris and I got to sit up on stage with the seniors, and I even got to introduce Jeff Smith, who was the commencement speaker. It was a nice little ceremony, 35 minutes door to door, with a reception afterwards at the CCS gallery, where all the seniors have pages from their thesis projects up on the walls.

It is pretty strange to think that these students will be leaving and a whole new batch will arrive in a few short months. I can't help but feel a slight thrill at the idea of school being out for the summer, even though I'll still be working all summer. My non-drawing goals for this summer are to catch up on my reading, get a new bike, so that I can bike around a bunch and to work on this top-secret music project that I have been thinking about a lot. My drawing goals for this summer are TO DRAW SO MUCH. I'm on track to get Basewood Chapter 3 done for SPX so let's hope I can keep it up...

In the meantime, I'm heading down to Virginia this weekend to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday (!?!) It sounds like most of my extended family will be there too. I don't get to see them too often, so it should be a fun time. It's funny, my grandfather turns 90 this year, my dad just turned 60 and in October I'll turn 30. If I want to keep these evenly spaced generations going, I've only got about seven months to get someone pregnant! Alas, it'll have to be another family tradition, like clean-shaven faces, that dies with me.

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You look amazing with the beard in that suit. I want to make you the dean of something so they can make a statue of you like that.

Don't give up so easy - 7 months is a lifetime.... and all it takes is one great night.

Good Luck

Stefan Grube May21

oh oh!!! me me me! impregnate me!

grizzo May21

Nice suit, Alec ! You look more and more like a cartoon-loving Allen Ginsberg ;)

vincent degrez May25

Jeff Smith posted the video from the commencement. Very good! Inspiring!

Cam Aug06

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