Pop's 90th

Wed 5/27/2009

Have you ever seen that movie Knocked Up? Well, there is this one scene where this guy Martin agrees to a bet, in which his friends will pay his rent if Martin can grow his beard for one year. The catch is, for the rest of the movie, all of Martin's friends ruthlessly make fun of his beard.

This is basically what it was like for me, being around my mother this weekend at my grandfather's 90th birthday party. She never missed an opportunity to let her displeasure be known, at least not when I was within earshot. I found it pretty annoying, but tried to just let it go. In her mind, I was ruining all of the photographs and probably embarrassing her in front of all her extended family, so I figured it was just her way of blowing off some steam. After all, you can still turn the other cheek, even if it's hairy!

Most of my aunts and uncles and cousins were like, "Huh, you're growing your beard for a book? Um... Good luck!" This was all a good warm up for my sister's wedding, which is later this summer...

Beards aside, the party was pretty amazing (150 people attended!), it was nice to see most of my extended family, my grandfather got to meet some of his new great-grandchildren, I got to hang out some more with Galen's fiancé Nathan, I visited my grandmother (who is in an assisted living place) and I looked through hundreds and hundreds of old family photographs. It's pretty crazy to have four generations of a family all alive and in one place!

This all took place in Charlottesville, VA which I traveled to and from by train. It's a two-day trip, with two eight-hour stretches split up by a night in New York City. I packed all of my unanswered mail, a stack of unread comics and my laptop and got SO MUCH DONE on the train. I think I'm going to travel the same way when I head to Heroes Con later this summer.

For now, I'm back in Vermont with nothing but Basewood Chapter 3 on my plate. I've got a solid week to work my fingers to the bone, before I head back to New York for the MoCCA Arts Festival June 6th and 7th!

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longstreth overload! your pops looks damn good for 90. my dad just visited and his only comment on (my first ever) beard was: "it makes your face look square." i now count myself lucky.

Growing your beard for a book? Somehow I missed hearing about this - what is the story?
- another bearded cartoonist (Unshaven Cartoonists' Guild Local 719)

Colin - All the details are here:


Alec May27

Wow! 90 years old! That's great!

Arlene May27

yeah, my family's given me grief about my beard/long hair my whole adult life. they are so in denial of who i really am.

cat May28

Great seeing you at Pop's b-day. And as far as the big beard goes, it seems like you want the attention even if its negative. Your fam loves you facial hair and all. Talk soon.

Howdie May28

With or without facial hair, as far as we got those pages... :)

june May28

Alec, from what I saw of Nathan's pics, your beard looks awesome. Looking forward to meeting you in Portland at N&G's wedding!

dave peterson Jun28

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