Thu 6/11/2009

I was so busy plugging my contribution in the Syncopated Anthology, I forgot to mention that my art was featured in yet another anthology that debuted this past weekend at MoCCA, Awesome 2: AWESOMER!

Just like the first Awesome anthology, this is a collection of new comics edited by Charlito and Mr. Phil of the Indie Spinner Rack podcast. All proceeds of the book after printing costs go towards a scholarship for a student at CCS (last time it went to the well-deserving Chuck McBuck!)

The list of contributors is... well, awesome and as you can see here, it features a great cover image by Jeff Smith. Roger Langridge did the back cover and then on the INSIDE of the book, there is a special minicomic featuring work by CCS students past and present, which has a cover by Jason Lutes and a back cover by yours truly!

Anyway, it's got some great comics in it, it helps spread the word about a thoroughly enjoyable podcast and it benefits a hardworking cartooning student. So, it's a win-win-win situation! Please check it out!

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It is an honor to be included with such great talent... I appreciate Charlie and Phil inviting me, can't wait to see the finished book.

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