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Wed 2/16/2005

So all day in my head I was composing a big entry about my walk through the park yesterday and THE GATES. But now, just sitting down to write it all out, I'm realizing that it would probably "ruin" (or at least LESSEN) some people's experience of the gates if they read it. And I know some people who might read this that are coming from SEATTLE, SAN FRANCISCO and OHIO just to see The Gates (HOW COOL IS THAT???!) so I'll wait until after they have been taken down.

I CAN say though, that they are COOL. And that if you DO come check them out you should stop a lot and look behind you, because sometimes you don't realize it but the most amazing view is where you just walked through. There are A LOT of gates...

While I'm typing, I guess I'll also let you all know that I registered another domain name. (My SECOND website? Gulp...) Yeah, it's for The Dvorak Zine, which is a project I've been working on with Frunch and the GCB and really, it is going to be INCREDIBLE, I think. We are looking to become the FIGUREHEADS of the Dvorak movement... The site is not much now, but you might want to bookmark it for future reference. ;)

In other news, I'm building a time machine. My plan is to go back in time and find the IDIOT that came up with the five-day-work-week and kick him SQUARELY in the nuts.

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