Feng Shui... finally!

Fri 6/26/2009

The first night I arrived in Vermont, Rachel and I spent a good two hours just trying to figure out how to arrange all of my furniture/equipment. My apartment has three windows, which are all on one wall, and none of them are in a corner, so there is no real logical place to put the drawing board. Also, to prevent glare on my computer monitor, it has to be against the same wall as the windows... Anyway, it was complicated, but we came up with a pretty good solution, which I have been using since I moved in (almost a year ago!)

Things got a bit more complicated in October when I bought Ginny the Couch. I don't own a TV, so I use my computer to watch movies, and each time I wanted to do so, I had to lug Ginny over in front of my drawing table and then put her back again afterwards. It was kind of a DRAG if you catch my drift!

So for months now, I have been trying to come up with a better arrangement of my furniture, to no avail. It seemed like there HAD to be some way to make it all work, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around it... UNTIL I CAME HOME FROM HEROES CON.

I literally walked through the door, looked at my apartment and went "OH!" and instantly knew what to do. I moved all the furniture around that night. Now Ginny is comfortably settled across from the computer, I can look out the window when I'm working (which is WONDERFUL) and I hung up a bunch of my tools (which I have been meaning to do).

The only downside I think, is that I sort of lost one side of my kitchen table, but whatever. I probably sit down and eat a meal with another person in here once a month, if that, while I was scooting Ginny around almost every night.

Anyway, sorry if this is totally dorky, but I love arranging work spaces and trying to make them more efficient. It's like Alec's Apartment v2.0!

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is this a common thing in the u.s. to have pipes crossing your walls and rooms up there ?

pierre Jun26

I think usually they are built-in when they are planning the building. But mine were "retrofitted" after the fact, which is pretty ugly... They are water pipes in case the building catches fire!

Alec Jun26

I always really enjoy seeing other people's work spaces. Looks great Alec. You're one organized dude.

Cam Jun27

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