Workshop One Is Done

Mon 7/27/2009

I took a look at my blog tonight and was surprised to see that more than a week had passed since my last entry. I guess I have been in some sort of a summer time warp this past week! With all the drawing I've been doing, and the swimming and barbecues and hikes and four-square and frisbee and parties I haven't had much time for the internet. ALSO, I totally forgot to post anything about the first workshop which wrapped up last week.

It was awesome! We had a fantastic bunch of students who really buckled down and learned a lot about comics. Nick Bertozzi came up for Tuesday and Wednesday and I was able to sit in on his lectures, which were great. The students were split into two groups (aged below 18, and above) and on Wednesday the older students went on a field trip to see Jules Feiffer give a talk at Dartmouth. I was thrilled to get to see it, as I had missed Feiffer's talk at CCS earlier in the year (I had been in France, so I couldn't even complain about missing it either!)

As usual, the highlight of the week for me was on Thursday when both groups collectively drew an entire comic book (using Aaron Renier's "Connect The Plot" method). This year we created two adventures for a character that Jon Chad and I brainstormed, named Sally Switchback, Kid Explorer! We gave each group an artifact that Sally was searching for, and a bad guy that was also after the same thing (shown above). The students did the rest! Then on Thursday night we put together the books, which were super deluxe this year (2-color screen printed covers, twine belly band). Jon Chad also whipped out this amazing "Adventure Camp" minicomic on the last day. It has pretty much the coolest map ever in it. Hopefully he'll post that on his blog at some point.

So this year we tried a new program, called "Extended Studio" where people could hang out for an extra three days (after a weekend off) to work on their own projects. It was great to have a smaller group where we could really dig into some of the nuances of Comics. By the end of the three days everyone had printed up copies of their projects using the CCS lab. It's a pretty amazing feeling to show someone how to make their first minicomic and to know that they now have the skills to go make more!

We've got this week off and then the second round of workshops starts up in early August. I'm trying to utilize the time to draw as much as humanly possible. I finished penciling chapter 3 of Basewood so all that remains now is to ink the last 28 pages and it will be ready to print! Onwards!!!

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Alec, thanks for the link about the new book on your homepage! It sounds like you are having a great summer so far, making art, teaching in a fun program, barbecuing, swimming...I bet you miss NY (ha!). PS: Holy Beard!

Doug Jul29

No sweat Doug, the new book looks great! Yeah... I'm having a pretty awesome summer in Vermont. I hope you had a good time down in Florida!

Alec Jul30

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