The Life of a Temp...

Thu 2/17/2005

So today at 4:55pm my boss asked me to come into his office and shut the door. "Alec" he said, "we've hired someone to permanently replace you." I sort of chuckled lightly to myself and suddenly felt a GIGANTIC BURDEN LIFT OFF OF MY SHOULDERS.

Yeah, the best part about being a temp is when your mindless job is really starting to grate on your SOUL and you dread going to your job each moring and then POOF! You don't HAVE to go to that job anymore! I mean, sure. I'm going to have to go to ANOTHER job. But it'll at least be NEW, and maybe BETTER. Walking out on to the street tonight after work I felt so much LIGHTER than I have in the last 6 weeks.

I guess the Newsweek gig ended up being pretty alright actually. My boss turned out to be a cool guy and I got to draw A LOT. So no complaints here. Anyways, we'll see where I land next...

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