SPX is out, APE is IN!

Wed 8/12/2009

Well, the last CCS Workshop wrapped up tonight, which means summer is almost through. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to solidify my plans for this Fall, and I guess I have some pretty weird news to announce...

I will not be going to SPX this year. But I WILL be going to APE. (????!)

This is probably bad news for some and good news for others, depending on where you live, which comic conventions you attend and whether or not you want to hang out with me. This was not an easy decision, so I'm going to briefly explain my thought process...

On September 26th (the Saturday of SPX) my good friend Dan is getting married in CHICAGO. I have been lucky enough to be invited and I am extremely happy and excited for Dan and his fiance Mary, and I am totally going to be there. That decision was the easiest part of all this.

Now, alert readers will remember that LAST YEAR my good friend Liz Prince was placed in a similar situation, with a wedding to attend in another city on the Saturday of SPX. Liz, being SUPER HARD CORE, went to the wedding AND THEN caught the first flight to Washington D.C. the next morning and attend the show on Sunday, which was a delightful surprise for a lot of us. "Damn!" we said, "Liz Prince is HARD CORE!"

I really wanted to be hard core. When this scheduling conflict popped up, I initially thought "I'll pull a Prince and show up Sunday!" But alas and alack, the more I thought about the costs involved, and the fact that I would miss most of the fun Friday night hanging out with people and all day Saturday AND the Ignatz awards AND Karaoke... Well, I decided it just wasn't in the cards this year. :(

This is obviously a massive bummer, because SPX is far and away my favorite indie comics convention, and this will be the first time I've missed it in like five or six years. On top of that, my comics sibling Liz Baillie is HOSTING the ignatz awards this year (!!!?!) ALSO Gabby's book is finally done and will be debuting at the show (along with a whole SLEW of other rad stuff). I guess I'll just have to hope that someone will tape the ignatz awards and maybe Gabby can hook me up with a copy of Monsters when he gets back. (Please? GABBY???)

Besides the bummer effect, this scheduling shift presents another problem, in that I have been working my fingers to the bone on Basewood Chapter 3, with a goal of releasing it at SPX. Ack! Well, luckily APE is only THREE WEEKS later (October 17th and 18th) in San Francisco!

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure the last time I went to APE was in 2004, when all I had was issues #001 - #004 of Phase 7. So it'll be cool to be at the show again, with a whole table full of crap. Also I know some really cool people in the San Francisco area and I am REALLY EXCITED to hang out with them. :)

Okay, so you have all been forewarned! DO NOT believe the SPX exhibitor list. I am listed, but I WILL NOT be at the show! Word on the street is that all-around stand-up-guy Nate Beaty might be using my table space instead. Whoever takes my place, they'll be sharing a table with Greg "McBastard" Means who I think will be debuting another new issue of his Ignatz Award winning anthology, Papercutter!

Again, I'm sorry if this sucks for anyone. Greg had a good take on this situation, when I explained this to him on the phone. He said, "It's not like you haven't been to any other shows this year!" Also, get ready Chicago friends, here I come!!!

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Alec Longstreth not at SPX?? It doesn't count as SPX.

PS: I am super psyched for Gabby's new book!

Box Brown Aug13

Aw man that is a super huge bummer! But I understand, weddings are kind of a big deal. I will definitely try to get someone to tape the Ignatz Awards, also because Zane can't come either (which is obviously an even huger bummer for me, but he also has a good excuse) so I'm sure he'll want to see them too.

BUT... I am also going to APE this year, so I'll see ya there!

Liz B. Aug13

Oh and also, maybe this will give me an excuse to christen my Mrs. O'Leary's Yarn Beard, since you won't be at SPX *somebody's* gotta be Alec Longstreth!

Liz B. Aug13

Do not fear Brian, I'm sure you guys will have an awesome SPX without me!

Liz - I'm PUMPED to hear you will be at APE! And yeah, definitely definitely get someone to tape the Ignatz awards. If only I could watch them later WITH Zane... Ah well, have a great time and I'll see you in San Fran!

Alec Aug13

Alec, I want you know that SPX last year was kind of a bummer, only being there on the Sunday, so you're making the right decision. It was a lot of money, I didn't do super well at the show, and I was antsy the whole time. And by Sunday night nobody wanted to party HARD, so it was kind of a bust. But, as always, it was great to see everyone, and I picked up a lot of awesome comics. Substituting APE for SPX (although SPX is superior in my mind) is a perfect remedy, and you get to do a show that you haven't had a presence at in a long time, so that is an added bonus.

And, I have been juggling the idea of going to Oakland to visit Claire while the APE con is on... this is more incentive to do so!

Sucks that I wont see you at SPX, but AWESOME that you're coming to Chicago. I can't wait.

Neil Aug13

Liz B - YESSSSS! YOU can be ME. This is the perfect plan!

Liz P - Thanks for the extra info and/or your "blessing" for my plan. And HECK YES you should come to APE. Hang outs will be had!

Alec Aug13

You and JP were the first cartoonists I ever talked to at a show (SPX) and you guys made it for me. You particularly were open, friendly, trade-crazy, and just made me feel right at home.

I say we have an Alec-off, where anyone who has been positively influenced by you at SPX agrees to pick up a percentage of the making-people-feel-great-about-everything quota that you usually shoulder. I bet if we can get 8 or 9 people to agree, we can make a rough attempt at filling that particular void.

Have fun at the wedding! And Ape; I know more and more people going t o that show this year.

crap. who's going to energize people within 50 feet of our table? i'll try to channel the beard.

APE is 3 weeks later? well, hell, i'll just have to go to that too. i'll *definitely* have a mini by then if not by SPX. maybe even TWO!

Chris - Thank you for this wonderful sentiment.

Nate - You should TOTALLY come to APE. We can hang out there AND in Chicago. It'll be like the good old days!

Alec Aug13

I attended the first three SPX shows more than a decade ago. I have *got* to get back there one of these days.

There are fewer things more significant than attending friends' weddings whenever you can.

You definitely won't regret your decision! Have fun!

darrylayo Aug16

Aw, man, I'll be at SPX. Oh well, I'll catch ya at something else in the future.

Andy Aug18

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