A Splendid Summer

Tue 8/18/2009

A few nights ago, I started reading through some of my old blog entries and realized something... Often at this time of year, I will write a post about how much I hate summer on the East coast. For example:

2005: Humidity = EVIL
2006: Summer's The Worst
2007: F THIS SUMMER. (Looking back, this was arguably the worst summer of my life, so far - remember that apartment with no windows?!)

Well, this summer I'm still on the East coast, it's still wicked hot, there is still a ton of humidity in the air, AND YET, for once, I do not feel inclined to bitch and moan about how miserable I am. I think the turning point, when this summer became officially awesome, was the first time I went swimming.

Since last fall, a bunch of us CCSers meet every Sunday to play soccer. It is SO much fun, and it feels great to get outside and run around a bit. The school even helped us get space in an indoor gym over the winter so we could keep playing after the snow fell. But when summer hit, it was just too hot. We'd run around for like half an hour and then we'd start overheating.

So one Sunday we decided instead to jump in a few cars and go out to this park, over by the Connecticut River. There was some grass, but it was super bumpy, so instead of soccer we played some ultimate frisbee. Then, just when we were all hot enough to melt, we jumped in the river! OH MAN... there is nothing quite like it. You instantly cool off, and you can just sort of float on your back and drift downstream for a bit. Then we go for ICE CREAM! :D This has been our new Sunday ritual. It is the absolute best.

Jon Chad and I have also gone swimming in the White River a few times, just in the middle of the week, when it's really hot. Somehow this ability to go cool off is keeping me sane. Even if I DON'T go swimming, the fact that I CAN if I really want to is reassuring. It also probably helps that I am getting a ton of work done this summer. And not in some horrible "hermit" mode either, where I don't see anyone. I'm still able to hang out with friends and draw and look out my windows.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on, I guess I just wanted to say I'm having a pretty awesome summer! I'm happy and I really like it up here in Vermont.

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super jealous of BOTH soccer and river dunking. we did sunday soccer at mun2 for a spell and I loved it. I was awful but it's damn good exercise.

Yeah, soccer is the best. It accommodates a wide range of skill levels and everyone can just have fun running around.

Alec Aug20

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