Good-Bye Quarters, Hellooo Pinball!

Thu 8/20/2009

I'm not even kidding, a few weeks ago, this pool hall opened up across the street from CCS. Music Man aficionados know this could spell "Trouble with a capital 'T' And that rhymes with 'P' and that stands for pool." Right here in White River Junction!

Some of you might be asking yourself, "How is a pool hall going to survive in in such a small village?" (population 2,500) Well, I might not know the answer to that question, but I DO know that Jon Chad and I are sure doing our part!

Three or four times a week, Jon Chad and I go to the pool hall to play a few rounds on the Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace PINBALL MACHINE which is tucked in the back corner.

It is quite literally the most amazing pinball machine I have ever seen. Besides the fact that everything on the board is STAR WARS there is also some sort of holographic video display at the top which interacts with the ball. So, like, it will display a bunch of droids and then you flip the ball up there, and if it hits them they blow up. !!?! But the ball can also go THROUGH the screen and be captured up there? It's like half video game, half pinball machine, and ALL AWESOME.

There are a series of mini-games, each based on a different scene from The Phantom Menace (which crazily enough have the REAL voices of the actors, with dialogue which was NOT in the movie). Each time you beat one of these mini-games, you collect a letter. Jon Chad was the first person in White River Junction to achieve Jedi Youth status by collecting the letters "J-E-D-I" and then beating Darth Maul in a light saber duel!

Anyway, I'm completely obsessed with this game. I've been looking up pinball tips online and Jon and I have been figuring out all the different scoring techniques and tasks that are built into the game. We are determined to work our way up the ranks! (Jedi Youth, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Jedi Spirit) I will keep you all posted as to my Jedi Status. After all, the only thing more powerful than a Pinball Wizard is a Pinball JEDI!

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my friends and i devoted an entire summer years ago to mastering the Twilight Zone pinball game at a nearby laundromat. we had a blast, and it's still my favorite. it's kind of unreal how good you can get with a lot of practice. pinball seems like mostly chance and luck if you're unskilled.

i've played Star Wars and it's also damn fun.

Man...I remember playing this back in 1999! I still believe that this was the BEST pinball game EVER MADE! Only once did I get to the final duel with Maul and I was sweating bullets it was so intense! Too bad pinball started dying out around this time...sigh...

I'm so glad you're still playing this. One day you will be a true jedi. May the force be with you.

Rosie Aug21

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