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Tue 9/8/2009

Agggh, I feel like my blog has been so lame lately. My only excuse is that I'm a paltry FOUR PAGES away from finishing Basewood Chapter 3, which will be released SOON in the pages of Phase 7 #007.

As I get closer and closer to being done, I seem to have more and more trouble focusing on EVERYTHING ELSE that is going on in my life right now. I just want to stay chained to my drawing table and get this issue DONE. Luckily, I'm teaching my first class of the semester tomorrow, so I will be forced out into the "real world" where I will have to interact with "real people."

I've got all kinds of little stuff lined up that I need to do once this issue is out the door, including some longer blog entries I've been meaning to write for months now. So give me another WEEK (???) and hopefully things will start picking up again around here. For now, it's back to the drawing board with me!

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God speed, you black emperor!

Neil Sep09

4 PAGES?!?!?

Stefan Sep10

Keep that beard in check, bro!

Junglebean Sep15

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