Grand Champions!

Thu 10/8/2009

Well, my Phase 7 #007 release party was a smashing success. I'm fairly certain that good times were had by all. Thanks to everyone who turned out for it!

The next day (my ACTUAL 30th birthday) Jon, Max, Claire and I drove over to FUNSPOT, the world's largest video arcade, which is only about an hour and a half from White River Junction. If you've seen The King of Kong, Funspot is the arcade at the very end of the movie where Steve Wiebe tries to set the world's highest Donkey Kong score. Besides arcade games, Funspot also has air hockey tables, bumper cars, slot machines, skee ball machines, and two whole walls lined with PINBALL machines.

Using this coupon we each chipped in $10 and had enough tokens to play all of the above games for about FIVE HOURS. It was pretty epic.

Then this week, Jon and I returned to our regular Pinball schedule on the Epsiode I Pin2K machine. After Sunday's five hour flipper fest, we thought for sure we'd have picked up some new moves. Nothing really remarkable happened on Tuesday... but then TONIGHT was a different story.

On our first dollar, I had a seriously awesome game. My first ball had a harsh drain, but then I managed to rack up FOUR extra balls on Ball 2. I got through the Jedi Youth AND Jedi Knight trials and had an awesome Multi-Ball round, which brought my score up to 104,853,890 points, thus achieving GRAND CHAMPION status on the high score board! I was thrilled! High-tens were doled out, and there was much patting-on-the-back. Then it was Jon's turn...

And on the VERY NEXT TURN, Jon completely shattered my brand new high score. He blasted through all eight mini-games, achieving Jedi Youth and Jedi Knight status and even got a "J" on the way to Jedi Master, and had an even BETTER multiball round, bringing his score up to 134,588,590 points. (!!?!) So I was Grand Champion for about 15 minutes before that honor passed to Jon Chad.

We are thinking we should make a pin or something, which can be passed around to the current Grand Champion, sort of like a heavyweight belt, or the Stanley Cup. All that remains now is to break 100 million three more times, which will knock the robot "POP" score of 100,000,000 points off the high score list and then we have to still get Jedi Master and Jedi Spirit... at this rate, it feels like it will only be a matter of time!

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When I come up to WRJ for Thanksgiving weekend I'm gonna shatter that score and take your pin back to New York with me. And then I'm gonna do a fruity little dance.

gcb Oct09

Big words from a little man, Gabe. We welcome your competition!

Alec Oct09

I am so jealous that you got to visit FUNSPOT... I adore King of Kong. The new pinball mania is awesome btw... I expect a Alec pinball wizard illustration anytime now from you.

Congrats on the book release, Alec! I had a really good time at the studio workshop this summer.

Meredith Oct09

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